Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MTV TJ Finale in NYC!


The MTV TJ competition was life changing from the very moment I was asked to participate. I knew very little about just who was reading my blog, or even how it made its way to MTV staff's interest, but what I did know was that it was an opportunity Id be insane to pass up. Initially the staff at MTV Brett & Lauren ( taller blonde in the very middle) were my only point of contact. Actually, I thought Lauren's initial email was a hoax for many reasons. Mainly because THE day I got the email Id just gotten laid off from my job, so I figured, what are the chances. Needless to say it was very real.

Slowly but surely I began to identify the other at the time 17 candidates selected. My first thought of the 17 were wow...what a funnnny group of people. Id soon learn that their talent for humor was simply a small attribution amongst many others that they all hold. We were all revealed to the world and without MTV's knowing sorta developed a friendship outside of the competition. Throughout challenges we'd have video chats, email convos, phone, text convos. As big of an opportunity that this was for all of us, we couldnt resist the urge to befriend our competition :)

We all experienced something extremely unique that I doubt will ever be replicated. We were all very excited for the top 5, and with our whole hearts rooted for them at the finale. It honestly felt like a big family reunion of sorts. Minus my hair, travel, financial, wardrobe malfunctions lol, the trip to NY was perfect because I got the opportunity to mingle with the other (14 present) people in the WORLD who can honestly say they understand what the past few months has been like for me. We had a ball in NYC many many funny stories/memories to share. We all got along, shared TJ stories, talked about how we felt about the outcome of the competition (GO GABI!), we wondered what her job may be like, and how much we appreciated & loved the staff at MTV.

I must say that this picture doesnt include the top 5, & a few other Tjs are missing as well. Also some key MTV players, Brett, Jaimen, Todd..and a few other people. I was soooo excited to meet the MTV folks... and Im sure we'll be meeting again ;). The top 5 consisted of Gabi (Your MTV TJ! :) ) DJ X (Gooo X!) Jose (#KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPOW!) Ryan L & Dannielle. I expect great things from them as well as all of the Tjs. I hope you watched the show & participated! Again thank you soo much to all of my supporters & friends/fam who made my run for the job even possible! I love you all!

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