Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mother Granted Visa Extension After Press

Well.. here lies the issue with immigration laws as they stand today. Nothing in life is black and white. A mother brought her sick child here from Barbados for emergency surgery for cancer. Her child is being treated at Children's Hospital of Atlanta. When their visa's expired they reapplied and 7 yr old Niamh's extension was granted but her mothers wasnt. Her mother then appealed and the appeal was denied.

Her mother, or someone was smart enough to tell her to go to the press and for the past couple of days Ive seen this story on numerous outlets. Yesterday I found out that the mother was finally given an extension. This was clearly a no brainer. A 7 yr old child fighting stage 4 cancer should have their mother by their side. Period. Like, how is it logical or even ethical to send her mother back to Barbados? This story made me cringe because this is the big issue with our laws on immigration. They cant be black and white. People face issues such as this one that are all sorts of shades of gray. Im glad this little girl has her mommy with her for a while longer. Who'd want to be in a foreign country, fighting cancer, 7 yrs. old, and alone? No one!

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