Friday, August 27, 2010

Like Tiny, Like Toya?


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If I get ONE more email!!! LOL... geeez babykayks! Ok.. No I havent blogged about your girls in a while... and Im sorry. Ok.. here's one for ya! The first time I heard about Toya possibly being engaged to her boy Memphitz (who seems like a really cool dude) was a few weeks ago on twitter when she tweeted something to the fact of being REALLY BLESSED! Something in me said.. hmm...?? :)
Well shortly there after pictures surfaced of her rocking a ring and I didnt blog it because I mean...  I like to feel sure about things. Well 2 days ago Toya tweeted the above picture... quite reminiscent of another pic of her girl Tiny who was recently married to rapper/actor TI. On top of that our guy Freddyo caught up with Toya and Memphitz at the Takers afterparty here in Atl and while Im not gonna say yes she is engaged, or no she isnt... I will say.. what the heck do you think??? lol.... blessings to them.
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