Friday, August 6, 2010

Janelle Monae New Video "Cold War"

Beautiful, Powerful, Conceptual, Intimate, Emotional, Profound, Intense- a few words that skipped through my thoughts as I attempted to process this new video by Janelle Monae. Janelle is one of the very VERY few artists making music right now. What I mean by that is, artistry has always been about more than entertainment & gimmick. She captures that. She gets it. She IS her art/music.  Its easy to get lost in the groove of her songs, they are so incredibly produced and she is such a deliverer that you just get sucked into how good they feel. Id challenge you all to appreciate the artistry that is Janelle Monae and look beyond her adorable face & timeless  sound & pay attention to the message of love, peace, enlightenment, and humility that is so boldly etched in her murals of sound. I love this video, Im sure you will too..amazing

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