Monday, August 23, 2010

Herve Leger! aaannnnd I Thank You.

Definitely my fave look.. LOVE the boots w/ the dress! Click to see more

Ok.. so remember the post I did a few months ago on the Herve Leger Cork Ankle Boots? Well ironically my recent trip to New York led me to meet a good friend of my girlie Patience (who is Promise's sister!! HOW cute are their names?) annywho, while at dinner the first night following a beautiful walk through the fabulous streets of Manhattan, Patience informed me that her bff Kim at the table with us worked for Herve Leger. Now honestly for a second the name escaped me, until I remembered THOSE boots! How cool was that?!

So, after a quick convo about the line I realized that Id been seeing these really TIGHT and fly bandage type dresses around and that those dresses are actually Herve Leger! Are these not super hot? I mean, you have to have a certain type of body to rock them the right way because they are SO tight.. and also a certain type of wallet to afford them because they arent cheap... but Id SO love to get in one of these..heres the question.. who loves me? LOL Anywho click the pics to check them out!


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