Monday, August 23, 2010

Faith Evans New Record(s)


One of our R&B sheros is on the comeback but also supposedly in a lil trouble.. niether of which are surprising being that Faith's career usually consists of both of those things. It doesnt really matter to most of us what she's doing though, we just want another album. Faith is someone many young girls of my generation admired coming up.

 I say all of the time that there has not been another full true female R&B album that hit as hard as Faith's first album... annnnnnnnd I mean it. That album is classic. Anywho... Faith was arrested on Saturday night according to numerous reports, on suspicion of DUI. She was released early Sunday morning, just in time to shoot a video for her new album set to introduce her back to the world of music.  Check out the below interview with the lovely lady about her new project & ventures! :)

Check Out the Record below



  1. LOVE the single...that pic isn't and the label were out of line for that. FAITH is one on my biggest vocal aspirations!!!

  2. Great single from a great album!