Friday, August 6, 2010

Bags By Chilli

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BabyKayks.. I have gotten more than one email & I HEAR YOU! lol Im working on making your request happen with the beautiful Chilli & her people at Enchanted, so give me a the meeaaantime, I wanna share with yall this adorable bag line she has. Some of you probably already know about the bags but for those of you who dont, Chilli has  her own bag line. Its soo cute! I think they make for perfect gifts especially for parents.

Those of you who havent heard of Chilli's line, have most likely seen her carrying a purse or two around with a pic of her son Tron on it (see alllll in the above picture lol). Well, those bags are from her own line. Chilli says someone gave some to her as gifts. The original bags had photos of Tron on them and as he got bigger she wanted more bags. Well the company who made her original bags closed & thats when she thought it  necessary to start her own business with them! Im the same way.. if there isnt a way.. make a way lol. Well, I thought you all should know about these bags. There are many different sizes, styles to choose from and the process is made so easy on the site. Go check them out!

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