Friday, August 6, 2010

Can Someone Explain??

First Lady in Spain

Our First Lady is on a private vacation with Sasha in Spain,  and the off the shoulder steez is HURTIN em :) Anyyywho, some people have a huge issue with her being able to take a vacation obviously. There have been reports to come out that basically say that because she's the First Lady & we have to pay taxes that help pay her for being so, she shouldnt be able to take vacations. These reports go on to talk about how much her hotel room is a night (1000??? thats nothing.) plus the fact that she has taken some other vacations since becoming First Lady.
Heres the thing- you & I will have to pay taxes aaannyway. Lets just be real, this is a clean case of hate for no reason. The Obamas are in fact millionaires..and people kill me trying to dictate how others should spend their money simply because the country as a whole is in a recession. Well, some people arent\, and I think its ok that they spend THEIR money how THEYD like to. Whats the point in hating on our First Lady because she can enjoy herself. What is she supposed to lay in ashes & wear all black until her husband's Presidency is over because some people dont have the money she does?

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