Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes With Promise!!

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Recording artist Promise allowed her fans a behind the scenes peek at her SUPER HAWT photoshoot with the amazing photographer James Anthony. She killed this! She had the likes of my girlie celeb make up artist Miss Brie (I wuv my Brie!) on make up, the incredible Sonya Williams on hair (do yall see her hair? Gowageous!)- both of these ladies can rip a mic as well.. aka they can SANG! She was styled by Kathleen Vaughn Crosby... she had my girl looking soo cute! From the looks of this video, these photos are gonna be fresh! Also heard some new music while in NY yall. are. not. ready. She's coming soo hard, the stuff I heard was just..perfect, get ready.

Now for the hard part.. some of you all know that I used to sing background for Promise, but our relationship stemmed wayy beyond the stage. She is my sister. Ive sorta just watched her grow in soo many ways in the past few months. Its been amazing to see. She's uber talented.. you all dont even know the half, uber dedicated & equally beautiful, there is NO limit to where her career is gonna go from here. She recently moved from Atl to NY on a new journey, but she is still working on her music and you all know I will keep you posted! So excited for her!

Promise, I love you to pieces. Thanks for every laugh, tear, melody, lyric we've shared in the past few months. I am SO SO proud of you and Im behind you 100%. I cant wait for the masses to be blessed by your energy, your vision, and most of all your music! xoxo

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