Saturday, August 14, 2010

8 yr. old Killed In Chicago


Dear World, this type of violence has been happening in Chicago for forever. I spent my Summers/holidays on the West Side of Chicago, and it never failed that every year, someone who was there before- was gone. Gone due to violence. As much as this should make me not surprised by the news of yet another violent moment- it doesnt. Im not a robot. Im so saddened by this story of 8 yr old Tanaja Stokes, her cousin Ariana Jones and all of the witnesses to such a display of carelessness & stupidity. According to sources two idiots rode through the far South Side of Chicago opening fire  while children played.

One thing I loved about my childhood in Chicago is that it was so stereotypical inner city  life. We jumped rope, had water fights, cook outs, block parties, snowball stands, & loud soulful music. One thing I hated about my childhood is that it was so stereotypical inner city life. There were hustlers, drug users, cops, etc.. everywhere. Those two ideas insanely coexist in the realities of many children growing up today. Unfortunately it is impossible for them to exist together in unity without someone dying, and in many cases that someone is a child. Little Tanaja Stokes was killed by one of the bullets sprayed across her block while her cousin sustained injuries. I used to complain about there being no media coverage of friends/associates dying over the years, my issue now is... what are people doing with the coverage that Chicago's violence is now getting? Its not enough to feel bad... something has to be done- I personally will be researching efforts & posting them here.

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