Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You May Have Missed This

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So most of you are probably like I was... absofreakinlutely digging MJ's chic guitarist on "This is IT!" I mean, she was killing musically, but what got me was- as I remember vividly, my bff Becky & I almost had a shoegasm when she walked out onto stage with those boots on! O EM Goodness!!! *Moment of silence for the shoes* Ok... so this morning I had an epiphany. Theres a song playing on every hit pop radio station right now called "According to You". Everytime I hear it I jam. What I hadnt realized was that it was her! Orianthi is also an artist who has a hit single out right now! Am I late again? If so its ok to tell me, Im not above that (in the words of my friend Julian) lol. Anywho...thought Id enlighten the rest of the stragglers.. peep the song below...OR for mobile users... click the title of course! xo

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