Sunday, July 4, 2010

Third Day!!!!!

I had a very sincere message written in my honesty box about some very heavy stuff. Come to find out it was one of my girls that wrote it. You never know WHAT people have gone through or are going through in the privacy of their hearts and heads. This is one of the reasons I post music like this. There is power to change lives for the better in this music, and it is just uplifting to hear, period. This song is dedicated to my girl! She knows who she is!

Heres another record yall probably would never listen to or hear. I love this band, and this particular song.. please listen to the lyrics. I have gotten so much feedback from the Christian records I post, and I love it! I'll keep posting them because honestly, this is what I listen to for the most part, lol. When I post other things its because I know my readers are interested, but personally I regularly listen to this! Your life is never all bad, and youre never really alone as you may feel at times! Just a reminder, Love to you all.. have a happy & safe holiday!

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