Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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OMGrace... now if you've known me for longer than my post teen life, you know that I am a huge, HUGE fan of these guys. Sisqo was my teen crush! LOL! Everybody from my hometown probably knows that. I had every magazine, every video, every ring, bracelet, tshirt, doll (yes doll- nobody had that ;) & anything else you could think of. Though that world of being in loooove with a celeb is almost impossible for me to imagine myself ever being in, I still have the most sincere appreciation and love for these guys & their music.

With that said Ive been waiting for years (8!)for them to finally put out another album. Dru Hill is a group of singers. No gimmicks, just real live singers...always have been. In the past 8 years fans have been sent on a whirlwind of questions, will there be another album, who is in the group, blah blah blah. I dont think should they come back has ever been one of those questions. Im uber excited that they have and yesterday (July 27, 2010) they released InDRUpendence Day & umm... can we say banger!? I love it! Get the album you wont be mad you did. Check out the video for  the first single "Love MD" below! Whew.. Welcome back fellas..ttys :)

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