Monday, July 26, 2010

Speaking of Kimmy K.. She Tells Fan You #GottaLuvMe & YOU!

Kim Kardashian is known to be a head turner among men, but what was her response to a fan's tweet about getting head to toe surgery to look just like her? Simply, "No!". Out of over 4 million, yes, over 4 million followers, Kim managed to see a tweet from a fan who's husband is obviously obsessed with Kim. The lady was meant to get head to toe plastic surgery to look just like Kim in order to keep her husband.

Kim went straight into full #GottaLuvMe gear and encouraged the woman to love herself just as she is. She also told her that her husband should love her for her & that she deserved a man who would. I thinks its commendable. Considering all of the tweets she probably gets in a day annnd considering my own experiences with celebs no where near her status acting BRAND NEW on twitter when an opportunity is presented to be in touch with their humanity, I say kudos to Kim!

There is such an effect that people (not just celebs) can have on each other. Its unrealistic for anyone these days to minimize that effect. You never know what a simple hi, or a dont do it from you could mean to someone's life. Im hoping that Kim's tweet was a starting point to get that woman to realize that she is worth real love, just as she is! #POW

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