Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Name the Weirdo


So along with half of the MTV viewer world last night, I tuned in to the finale show and after show of The Hills. I must say that right off the top, I hated the finale. I was like, huh? Is that it? Really, I think LC made the show for me and it hasnt really been a must watch since her exit. Now the after show and red carpet was pretty cool the ladies looked beautiful especially Audrina I think she looked flawless. I didnt care too much for Whitney's dress, but her shoes gave me my LIFE! Also the green number cohost Jessi had on was a unanimous fail from many of my tweeties! I also had my girls over for commentary...the things they say! LOL

Amongst the highlights of the night was the honest way in which the network portrayed Speidi. Heidi & Spencer Pratt according to USA Today were not invited to the shows ending celebration, surprised? Yea, didnt think so. The network seemed to share the same sentiments as many of its viewers... we love Heidi BS (before Spencer) and dont care too much for the persona that is Spencer Pratt. As a matter of a fact the segment with both Heidi & Spencer's sisters was my favorite and I was in tears just as Heidi's sister was while watching the Heidi BS clip. The clip showed the vibrant, fun loving, bff to Lauren Conrad that Hills viewers fell in love with. I honestly brinked a tear! All things considered its  a sad goodbye sorta like leaving a group of friends youve been with for years.

Now to that mentioned the Pratt's supposedly were not invited to the show..well guess who showed up anyway.... yes BabyKayks...that is Spencer Pratt! And below is a pic he twitpic'd last night... Weird. Odd. Get some help & some business. smh. I pray both Heidi & Spencer get the help they need & I wish much success to all of the Hills family!

Spencer Twitpic'd this last night:Photobucket
Im here :) !

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