Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 5 -I Want My MTV Intro & 3 MTV Moments

Challenge 5  I Want My MTV
Open for 3 days ‐ from 12:00am (EST) July 18 2010 to 12:00pm (noon EST) July 20, 2010.

Overview: The MTV TJ needs to have a welcoming yet commanding presence. They must also have respected knowledge of the MTV world if they hope to gain the confidence of the MTV audience. With this challenge, we will see how the TJ candidates report on specific MTV‐centric assignments and how they manage MTV celebrities.

Personal: What three MTV moments have resonated with you most?

Social: Interview a celebrity selected by MTV for 10 minutes and report on the interview.

Personal: When I think MTV I think of 3 Moments that I will never forget! (Click # for utube vids)

These moments are save my MTVTJ experiences. I'll be posting a blog about those later. XOXO

1.) My first moment that resonates with me the most is more of a few moments all in one, because I cant choose. I remember waiting what seemed like forever for Britney Spears' Baby 1 More Time Video to NOT be #1. I remember Eminem shutting ALL of NY down seemingly, and moments like MJ in his blue silk shirt, or people sleeping outside of 1515 w/ blankets & the best/biggest signs they couldve made. This MTV moment is TRL in its prime. I am the TRL generation. Lived, ate, slept, that countdown and the guests. TRL will never be duplicated or replaced. That was an amazing time in my life, it was like my lil connection to my fave artists.  Honestly when I think MTV, the FIRST thing I think is TRL! It is what cultivated my love and passion for pop culture. It was in fact the starting block for the race that I am in now. Long live TRL!!!!!!! Lol

2.) Fixed in my mind forever was one of the last moments we saw R&B sweetheart Aaliyah on television. The 2000 MTV Video awards presented us with a couple of moments we never knew then would be so precious today. I can  distinctly remember being mad at Ricky Martin for mispronouncing her name, like, mad. LOL! I know he meant no harm, but its so hard to believe that with the buzz she was making in her career around that time he'd never heard anyone say Aal(ee)yah so he went for Aal(ai)yah. The frustration I felt with him that night was nothing compared to what we'd all feel almost a yr later on August 25, 2001 when Aaliyah's youthful & yet fruitful life would be taken suddenly from us. This night at the VMAs resonates with me mostly because of her seemingly untimely death. R.I.Love Aaliyah!

3.) My last moment is a VMA moment as well, an UNBELIEVABLE one! "Im so over this Rockstar thing" I remember sitting in our family room feeling my heart sink into my stomach at 9 yrs old...like, WHAT is this lady doing! To this day, I can NOT believe it! lol- Courtney Love Interrupts Madonna's Interview

Of course there were many other moments that resonated with me,  great time reflecting on these moments! MTV has shared many precious moments with me and hopefully this is the beginning of loooooooooooooong relationship. This is the last challenge post for this round. You all have been AMAZING! Thank You.

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