Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 3 Prt 3 Sir Will Interview & Press!

This journey has been fun & hard! Whew! Im glad I had some great friends/fam members who were there to help me reach sources that I needed to fully "Break" Sir Will & The Rose Parade. This was the plan:
1. Introduce you to the band via a few video interviews and a playlist!
2. In ADDITION to that get the band on all of the hottest blogs suitable for them!
3. The biggest task, make my "local" band nationwide via getting them on radio in at least 2 other states!

Now if you know ANYTHING about the music biz... radio play in 3 days....felt IM.Poss.i.Ble. Which only presented me with a challenge! I AM HAPPY TO SAY I DIDDDDD IT!
I have blown myself away.

*See blogs for Interviews & Playlist

One of the hottest blogs in Chicago (started by a BabyKayk Im proud to say!!! :) ) SoChiButterflyy focuses on whats HOT in the Chi! Visit to check out what they had to say about Sir Will & the Rose Parade & get up on your SoChi Fly!!

Stay Tuned for posts from
other bloggers!


These are actually very popular stations in IL & D.C., not internet radio or college radio (no shade to them) but these are official stations. So the plan was to make him nationwide in 3 days, and Im proud to say I did. BIG thanks to my bff Becky, Jeannie Jones of the City 93.9 WKYS in D.C. & Robyn Lov of 94.9 WXRJ in IL! POWWW! Check the audio! GOO TEAM KayKi!

S/o to Sir Will & The Rose Parade, Chase J, Steph and Tony..its been a pleasure working with you all! Big things to come for the band!

Whew! Whats next Zync & MTV?! lol