Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 3 Prt 1: Who is Sir Will & The Rose Parade

Challenge 3 | Good Vibrations | ZYNC from American Express(SM) Challenge
Open for 3 days ‐ from 12:01am (EST) July 12, 2010 to 11:59pm (EST) July 14, 2010.

Overview: MTV is music at its core. We want our new TJ to exhibit a real passion for music, and to take joy in discovering and breaking the ‘next big thing’…even if they live right next door. This challenge will test the TJ candidate’s ability to know talent when they see it and convince an undecided audience.

Personal: What three musical moments have impacted your life most?

Social: Expose and break a local band of your choice using any media channels available to you. Examples include blogs, the web, newspapers, magazines, video, television, radio, and more. At the end of the challenge, ZYNC from American Express will spotlight your band and their music at Miami Fashion Week!

KayKi's Choice, Sir Will & The Rose Parade!

Featured Songs
1. Hard (Willie Hen Remix)
2. Decatur Daze
(Road to Rose The Detour Mixtape) Download Free - http://sirwill.bandcamp.com/
3. Lil Red Cup

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