Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 3.. 3 Musical Moments That Impacted My Life

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#1 Full Moon Album Release
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#2 Whitney's Return to Music!

#3 MJ's Death

My fave tribute song Written by Cristyle STILL

There is not much to say about MJ's death that you havent already heard. It impacted my life and yours like we probably wont truly know until we're reading history books years from now. Its going to be amazing to say I was alive at the time the greatest star of all time walked the Earth. I remember being downtown Chicago with my sister and brother & hearing first that he was sick. Then it was an ongoing media frenzy for about an hr, was the King of Pop actually dead? Sadly he was. To this day I can remember the sick feeling that crept into my belly as I sat down town watching every reporter on the big screens talk about the legacy that is Michael Jackson. It impacted my life by shocking the heck out of me. As much as we knew he wasnt as young and healthy as he used to be, I never imagined him dying so soon. Following his death the media frenzy and such over his children and all of that made it worse. I cried when I found out he'd passed, cried during his homegoing service, and could probably cry now if I think long enough, lol. Im just glad that he was shared with us for the time that he was to inspire us all to love people, and to make great everlasting music! R.I.L.ove MJ!

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  1. how can you not comment on this song... I've listened to it about 40 times and every time, i tear up. It breaks my heart and inspires me. I can't say that I'll ever have a fraction of the talent Mj or Cristyle have. But i can say that they inspire me to work as hard as I can and cry alot. Anything is possible because you talk me to walk on the moon.