Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Lil Pop Culture History For My BabyKayKs! "Lisztomania"


Ok, heres one Im pulling out on a whim. I know most of my readers are rap/pop/r&b lovers, which is why every now and then I try to pull out a song I dont think you all are familiar with, but that I like a lot. Here's Phoenix a French rock band, well "alternative" rock band and this track is Lisztomania. The term you probably are only familiar with if you are a music history buff lol. Well let KayKi give you a lil bit to go on at least.

Back in the 1800s there was a guy named Franz Listz a very talented pianist. His overwhelming response from fans at that time was coined as Lisztomania. He to some is considered the very first "pop star" and there have been books written about how crazy his fans were. This reaction from fans is not any different from what we see at every concert and appearance, it just was at a totally different time in history. I chuckle at the idea of all of these corsetted ladies losing their cool over this cat. So anywho, enjoy this one BabyKayKs, great to drop a lil pop culture history on yall lol! comment below!

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