Thursday, July 1, 2010

KAYKI!! Pleeeaasseee Find This Shoe!! ..umm.. ok, lol :)


A few months back I featured here on a slew of the Versace 2010 Spring Collection. Shortly there after I started to see them everywhere, on everyone from Eva Pigford to Ciara. I prouded myself in knowing the my BabyKayKs would know exactly what brand of shoes those were :) Since then Ive seen them on Trina and a few other people. So this is what I mean when I say, Im not posting these just for you to buy them perse... but just having the knowledge of what they are when you see them is great.

The other day my girl singer/songwriter/actress Amber Iman hit me on twitter and asked me to blog the shoes that Teairra Mari had just twitpic'd.
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amberskyez: @KayKiSpeaks can u pleeeeeeeeeeease find this shoe for ur blog - OMG - - STUPID

When I saw them I immediately knew who made them, but would have to go on the search of proving it which is always the hard part lol. Well here they are, a part of the Versace 2010 Spring line of platforms. The whole line is a lot to see.. I believe I may have tagged them Versace, so to see more search Versace here on or look through the entire KayKi's wont regret it if you did lol!!!

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