Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jay Z Chucks the Deuces to Illuminati Rumors in "Free Mason"

Jay Z

For years now Shawn Carter bka Jay Z & his supposed affiliation with the "Illuminati" has been the topic of many discussions both in and outside of the church. Symbolism, supposed lyrics, and Jay's lack of confession to believe in God enough has led many to believe at their core that he is in some way affiliated with satan. Now, personally Ive blogged how I feel about this and why, but until recently JayZ himself has stayed away from out right dismissing the rumors. At one point he played into it allowing his video director for "On to the Next One" to play around with the idea. 

 I for one have been rather annoyed with the rumors, mainly because Ive seen too many pastors & conspiracy theorists manipulate lines to say what they want them to say. As a fan of Jay's for years, I know what is actually being said, and that what these people are putting in videos & presentations are often soundbites that they have edited. Unfortunately, their target audience consists of people who do not know Jay lines, people who wouldnt be able to tell Jay Z from Soulja Boy... these people are easily fooled by what a real Jay fan would know immediately are not authentic Jay Z lines. Now, I cant say that he's never said anything that offended me, but so do people in the pulpit on occasion, and he's not claiming to be a spiritually minded person- isnt there a bigger problem here? Actually, had they used a couple of the lines of his that I did find offensive instead of manipulating lines that werent into such, Id be more opt to hear their side of things.

Well when I heard Jay was on this track called "Free Mason" off of Rick Ross' highly anticipated, Teflon Don album, I KNEW we were about to get the truth finally...its just how Jay works. I expected him to address the rumors, but not for him to donate his whole verse to actually shutting them DOWN once and for all. Jay Z is known to be pretty unmoved by things he thinks are beneath him ie, silly rumors. I guess he felt like this has gotten out of control & its not really something to take lightly. I for one couldnt be happier that he's finally-in his own way- letting his fans know that the conspiracy theorists are just idiots.. spoken by a Jay fan.

"..Couldnt do nothing with me, they put the devil on me....Id have preferred they squeeze the metal on me.."

"..he without sin shall cast the first stone so yall look in the mirror double check yall appearance. I said a was AMAZIN not that Im a MASON.."

"..Lord forgive me I never woulda made it without sin...holy water, my face in the basin, diamonds in my Rosary shows He forgave him.."
LOVE it!

Jay's verse starts around 1:44 #POW

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