Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Im STILL Hoping for a Chilli & Usher Reunion!

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VH1's Behind the Music is one of my favorite shows! I absolutely love it! Recently I watched R&B MEGA star Usher's BTM and I loved it! Not really for all of the normal "fan" reasons, what I loved is that Chilli was like the narrator along with his mama! haha! No really, from beginning to the VERY end, Chilli was everywhere! Now everybody who has been reading this blog for a while yall know I just adore these two together! Im not the only one who feels this way, it is OBVIOUS that both Chilli & Usher know that they are made for each other, just take Chilli's statement from the show,
..had we met later, this would be a totally different Behind the Music, and What Chilli Wants would be titled, Whay Chilli Has..
Come on now! Its not too late!!!! lol! The whole show was darn near about them lol. I mean this shouldve been entitled "The Chilli & Usher Show" lol. Well, great episode!

Do you all think a reunion is possible, or do you even care?? Anywho, if you missed it see a sneak peek here:


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  1. I'm afraid that will never, ever, EVER happen my love (lol). Consider that confirmation from a super reliable source =)