Monday, July 26, 2010

Guess Who's Boo'd Up!?

A few weeks ago I found myself out with my girls ENJOYING this interesting conversation happening between a seemingly very familiar face and a guy. Now, I wont get into detail about what was being said, but I will say that the female in the convo was scoring maaaajor points with myself and any other ladies in ears distance. She at one point turned to me and said, "Men think that they can just do whatever they want & we'll just be sitting around waiting..not the case!" I shook my head in agreeance & thats when it hit was singer/songwriter/model/American Idol contestant Kimberley Locke!

I had been trying to figure out who she was the whoole time all the while staring at these BAD shoes she had on lol (cant help myself) and at the moment I realized exactly who she was. I hit her on twitter the next day and more recently she is one of the celebs who backed me in my MTV challenge! S/O to her for that! Amongst a new single, "Strobelight" and many charitable efforts going on it looks as though Ms. Locke has gotten that guy situation straight!

Though I cant tell if its the same guy from Compound, today she tweeted  this pic & subtitle 
"Im officially boo'd up! :)"

How CUTE! Kim is adorable, she looks just like my Spelsis Dee, and by all means she has been a sweet heart to me :) I wish her the best! Have loved her voice & spirit since AI! Make sure you all get "Strobelight" on Itunes & click the pic to follow Kim. She always has something charitable going on which is just another reason to love her :) TNT BabyKayks

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