Sunday, July 11, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 2-Moved:Prt 3- True Life You #GOTTALUVME

I didnt wear any make up for any vids for this challenge. I started in my scarf...and on purpose. I wanted to demonstrate a sense of positive self image. I love me. Not really concerned with you seeing a few blemishes here and there. Those blemishes and imperfections make up my face :) You all demonstrated with this challenge that there are in fact other people who love the skin they are in. It would be a lie to say we've ALWAYS felt this way, but... now, hands down we can say you #GottaLuvMe or leave me alone! Here are a few other people just like myself who have had to learn to embrace all of themselves. Pick one and hear how they learned you #GottaLuvMe & trust these are quite funny! Special Thank Yous to Nancy & Isaac :)
Author of "Get Excited on Purpose", Suresh was too poor, Producer/Songwriter Doug is too short. Artist Manager Tanisha is too tall, and Actress/Singer Jael is too fat. Coffee Loft owner Alex is too different, and Pop Artist Promise is too curvy... Can you identify with anyone?

  True Life: You #GottaLuvMe

When I was in HS, I was terribly self-conscious about driving this beat up, dented up, hand me down van that my grandmother gave me. When I went to school, I would park in the back of the parking lot. When my friends and I went to parties, I would park as far away as possible. Growing up as a young man, it was genuinely hard to understand your true intrinsic value when you were not fortunate enough to have the Cadillacs, Chevys, Benzes and Beamers that our peers coveted. Even though I was a popular guy with a ton of confidence, not having the nicest 'ride' took a toll on my self image.
I now know that none of those material things have any value. Material wealth should not be related to your self-worth.The true value of a man comes from what you think, your actions, and your character.Be confident. Be fearless. Be intrinsically invaluable. -Suresh May #GottaLuvMe

LOVE YOURSELF..why not?!

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