Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christina Milian is GORGEOUS Just 5 Mos After Giving Birth

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She's been alll over the news lately because of her marriage whoas with producer "The Dream". Ive tried my best to stay away from it because it saddens me soo much to see this dude parading around w/ other women while he's married and has a new born at home.  #FAIL Even if its not working, you wait till its over. That on top of a few stupid comments he's made in interviews have most definitely turned me off to "The Dream". Anyywho while he's parading around looking like a fool his soon to be ex wife is out with her girl Serena Williams looking AMAZING!

Pics hit the web earlier this week of Christina who has always had an amazing physique, out excercising. Now these pics of her having a girls night with tennis great Serena Williams without her wedding ring have surfaced and she's looking just as beautiful in them. Get IT girl! Im sure people are expecting her to be all sad & down right now, Im glad to see her out and about and smiling! She has LOADS of reasons to smile despite what appears to be going on in her marriage (have you seen that little girl! OMGoogle A DORABLE!). Christina Im sure is working on her music, and acting career just as she'd been doing. Christina is a celeb BabyKayK so we love her around these parts..& as always we wish her the best! weeerrrrk mama!

                                                 Serena Williams & Christina Milian

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