Thursday, July 8, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 1 Prt 2 "Your TJ!" *Updated*

*See much better vid below- the initial video was posted in time before Challenge 1 ended. I didnt have time to figure out why it wasnt working properly, so I just uploaded it the best I could. I have since figured out the problem, fixed it, and posted a better version of the vid below...enjoy. *

I had this plan for this really great video... and Ive literally spent all day & night working on it..only for it to NOT load! So put my thinking cap on with 10 min left before the challenge ended and decided to record it from my I apologize for the quality...I got it up JUST in time! Some things changed up at the last minute as well.. but its up! For the audio see below the vid! Hope you enjoy my rendition of Alejandro! You wanna know who KayKi is....check this out listen to the END! :)



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