Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BP Replaces CEO


                               Hayward & Dudley

In lieu of one of the most tragic environmental disasters of our time, BP has finally decided to let go of their CEO Tony Hayward. I think this is more of a move for the public than anything. After all Hayward has led BP through a very successful 3 years as it's CEO. The issue is, when such a disaster strikes people need to see action taken in some place. They need to see the company get serious about what is effecting their daily lives. In this gigantic example, a gigantic move is necessary for BP to save face. So today they announce that they will be replacing their current CEO with their first non British CEO in its history Robert Dudley. Dudley is an American hailing from Hattiesburg Mississippi (whoot whoot-I have fam from there!) . He is coming in at a very pivotal and difficult time, and I hope he's equipped to make all of the tough decisions that now rest on his back. The decision to replace Hayward with Dudley was decided by a mutual agreement according to BP. Hayward though demoted by all definitions of the word will be receiving a hefty million plus dollar salary from the company.

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