Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BIG DAY!! TIME TO VOTE! :) & KayKi GaGa????? SMH

OK Team KayKi!! You ready???? Here are step by step instructions...

1. You can VOTE online starting today!!!!!! Voting is on FaceBook!

2. Visit the Zync MTV TJ facebook page... click the MTV TJ tab to the right of the profile pic...and vote there!!

3. Keep Following and encouraging your followers to follow me! If you, yes YOU can convince just 1 person you know to add me on FB or follow me on twitter it would help A LOT! #GoTeamKayKi!!

4. Also people who do not have internet will be able to vote later on in the process.

5. Please only vote for me! You have 1 vote that you can move around as you please, but you can only vote for one person. So if you vote for me and then vote for someone else.. I will lose your vote!

6. Im still accepting all of the cute vids/pics for #TeamKayKi.. love the graphic stuff sent to me as well... (pic in top right corner by Sam) love all of it.. it all helps and is uber sweet!!!

7. To keep up with our challenges and whats going on make sure to visit Not only can you keep up with the candidates there but you can also follow our challenges as we are getting them. For all things #teamKayKi... this is your source of course!

Well any questions..PLEASE ASK!! Challenges are about to start... whew!!!!!! Here we gooo! xoxoxox

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