Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Behind the Music Jennifer Hudson

Coming up, Behind the Music was one of my fave shows! I just loved watching the story of how someone has made it to the top through various struggles and opportunities! They are hitting hard lately with the stories of a few select celebs and their rises to fame! I got the chance to catch American Idol contestant turned Oscar award winning DreamGirl actress Jennifer Hudson's last Saturday night and boy was it GREAT!

JHud is from my 2nd hometown of Chicago IL and while most people know her for her HUGE voice, she's probably most known after that for the tragedy that struck her family following the release of her much anticipated Freshman project was released. I had moments of sheer happiness while watching this and moments where I felt I could burst into tears at any minute! It is THAT good! Peep it by clicking the link below!

Behind the Music Jennifer Hudson: "In this episode of Behind the Music we trace Jennifer Hudson's beginnings with her close knit family on the south side of Chicago, continue with her early elimination from American Idol and her starring role in Dreamgirls."


  1. Jennifer Hudson is a very strong young lady. She is certainly a woman among many. I love myself some Jhud, and I love her warm spirit. To even get Jen to speak on her unimaginable grief was an honor. She really is a very honest and very private person. I am just happy to know that both of her David's along with music is helping her to heal. Her cute baby boy really is her pride and joy, and I enjoyed seeing her interact with him durning the show. Jennifer Hudson is truely a class act.

  2. Although I was HUGE JHud fan any (ChicagoEverything lol) I was really blown away after her Behing the music, she is amazingly talented, courageous and strong to have gone thru all that she has went thru to get where she is! And still holding it all together, most people would have lost their mind, love and blessings to JHud, fiance and baby boy and KayKiSpeaks.com!! xoxox Shaunna