Thursday, July 1, 2010

7 Hundred and 50 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elin & Tiger Woods

It being reported that Elin & Tiger Woods have finally reached a divorce settlement. This is not just any settlement, this is THE BIGGEST settlement ever! Its being reported that Elin will get a whopping $750 MILLION, plus full custody of her kids which will prob mean some child support checks on the side. This is crazy. First off for anyone to have that much money to share is insane to me, but moreso this divorce thing is a lot to take. I mean, I hate divorces theyre so sad to me in most cases, because people take these vowels with imperfect people & expect a fairy tale life. No cheating, no fights, no anything and thats just not a reality unfortunately. Do I think its ok to cheat heck no! Am I saying she should have stayed with Tiger... not if she thought not! Im speaking of divorces in general. How is it that our parents and grandparents managed to tough things out and this generation of married couples cant? Anywho, I hope this works out for the better in the end!

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