Friday, July 30, 2010

New Music Diggy!!!!!!!! " Thinkin Bout U"

Ok, so remember in my Exclusive Diggy Simmons Interview, we mentioned that on the 29th he'd be dropping his HIGHLY anticipated 2nd mixtape Airborne? Well yesterday Diggy hit twitter to let his fans know that he needed to push the release back in order to make it perfect for them. They werent happy, but in order to make up for it, he released a record from it called "Thinkin Bout U"-just something to hold them over..... and can we say the mixtape game is STEPPED UP!? Historically there has been a difference between mixtape quality & album quality music but recently its hard to tell. I dig this record featuring Bei Maejor on the hook. No worries Diggy fans, Airborne will be ready for you next week! :) You know #TeamKayKi is for #TeamDiggy!

American Idol Has More Juice Than a Soap Opera

Ellen & Jlo

Wow. Did anybody watch Ellen on American Idol?? Well I cant say I did, BUT what I will say is that from the very onset of hearing she was gonna be on... I didnt get it. I mean for the funny factor yes, I LOVE Ellen. Do I think she has a good taste in music? Everybody knows Ellen loves music, sure, but did I see her fitting into a situation like judging on AI> Absolutely not.  Yesterday she released an official statement describing her decision to leave, and I hate to say it, but I was right..

A couple months ago, I let FOX and the "American Idol" producers know that this didn't feel like the right fit for me. I told them I wouldn't leave them in a bind and that I would hold off on doing anything until they were able to figure out where they wanted to take the panel next. It was a difficult decision to make, but my work schedule became more than I bargained for. I also realized this season that while I love discovering, supporting and nurturing young talent, it was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings. I loved the experience working on "Idol" and I am very grateful for the year I had. I am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be.

In the meantime while everyone is feeling some kinda way about Ellen leaving after just one year..  there is word going around that theyve already found a few new faces for the panel. Jessica Simpson has been rumored to be joining in the past & most recently Ive caught wind that JLo will be an official American Idol Judge. Heres my thing, Ive been over the show for a while now. I think they should take a break and come back so that people are refreshed and miss the show. There are always gonna be people ready to audition, but Im sure their viewership is suffering from the saturation of AI in the past 6 + years. I wish Ellen & JLo and anyone else involved the very best. Ellen we just need you on your show... that will do for us!

Laurence Fishburne's Daughter Needs Guidance

Click to visit Montana's Twitter Page

BabyKayKs, I woke up this morning to an email about Laurence Fishburne's 19 yr. old daughter Montana doing porn to break into the acting world. Now, becuase of the source the writer credited, I didnt see any reason for me to believe it. Unfortunately after a little digging, I found the video of her with a very popular porn start talking about her new career.  I wont post that video on here, but trust me, its her. This is sad. She doesnt look well to me, and unfortunately I dont think this is the best way for her to jump into any industry. Where are her parents? This seems to be an obvious cry for attention as she has been tweeting about being sad about  Playboy rejecting her. I just DO NOT get how someone in their right mind could really want this for themselves. Its so dangerous & degrading to me. Anywho lets keep her in our prayers..and umm Laurence...????????

Shaq Serenades Bieber

I have heard it ALL! I have no words.. lolol Shaq... stick to hoopin' ok? Leave the singing to Bieber :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kanye Debating Album Title

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I think its safe to say that Kanye's next album is one of the most highly anticipated albums to drop this year. With all of the controversy & his haitus, the fans are itching to see what he comes back with. He is known to be a true artists who pulls from his personal experiences and presents listeners with where his head is at the time. Being that many people have had concerns about where his head is following the unexpected death of his beloved mother & his public outbursts, this next album his one we all are waiting for. With the release of "Power" people got to get a glimpse of the direction he may be going in, but you never know with Kanye.

Up until now, we have expected the title of this highly anticipated album to be "Good Ass Job". Seems now as though the genius of Kanye West is feeling like maybe he should change it. Today he tweeted the following..

kanyewest: the album is no longer called "Good Ass Job" I'm bouncing a couple of titles around now
Also check Kanye spit some bars acapella from that highly anticipated album at facebook headquarters! Not many rappers could/would do this!
"So we broke out the chains & told the Master PEACE!"

Breezy & Usher in Jamaica!

Chris Brown & Usher in Jamaica

Isnt this picture adorable? Usher who is touring right now twitpic'd this photo of him & Chris Brown chillin in Jamaica. This picture screams epic to me because these two are considered the closest thing to Michael Jackson that we have in the industry right now. Hopefully they are talking about a collaboration, it would really help Breezy to see an artist of Usher's caliber embrace him & cut a record with him! It would be a hit as well.. could you imagine the video or performance?! #POW! Anywho, thought this was a cuute pic.. that Usher gets more and more cute to me the older he gets...never really thought he was attractive before. TNT BabyKayKs..


Click to follow Dru Hill!!

OMGrace... now if you've known me for longer than my post teen life, you know that I am a huge, HUGE fan of these guys. Sisqo was my teen crush! LOL! Everybody from my hometown probably knows that. I had every magazine, every video, every ring, bracelet, tshirt, doll (yes doll- nobody had that ;) & anything else you could think of. Though that world of being in loooove with a celeb is almost impossible for me to imagine myself ever being in, I still have the most sincere appreciation and love for these guys & their music.

With that said Ive been waiting for years (8!)for them to finally put out another album. Dru Hill is a group of singers. No gimmicks, just real live singers...always have been. In the past 8 years fans have been sent on a whirlwind of questions, will there be another album, who is in the group, blah blah blah. I dont think should they come back has ever been one of those questions. Im uber excited that they have and yesterday (July 27, 2010) they released InDRUpendence Day & umm... can we say banger!? I love it! Get the album you wont be mad you did. Check out the video for  the first single "Love MD" below! Whew.. Welcome back fellas..ttys :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christina Milian is GORGEOUS Just 5 Mos After Giving Birth

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She's been alll over the news lately because of her marriage whoas with producer "The Dream". Ive tried my best to stay away from it because it saddens me soo much to see this dude parading around w/ other women while he's married and has a new born at home.  #FAIL Even if its not working, you wait till its over. That on top of a few stupid comments he's made in interviews have most definitely turned me off to "The Dream". Anyywho while he's parading around looking like a fool his soon to be ex wife is out with her girl Serena Williams looking AMAZING!

Pics hit the web earlier this week of Christina who has always had an amazing physique, out excercising. Now these pics of her having a girls night with tennis great Serena Williams without her wedding ring have surfaced and she's looking just as beautiful in them. Get IT girl! Im sure people are expecting her to be all sad & down right now, Im glad to see her out and about and smiling! She has LOADS of reasons to smile despite what appears to be going on in her marriage (have you seen that little girl! OMGoogle A DORABLE!). Christina Im sure is working on her music, and acting career just as she'd been doing. Christina is a celeb BabyKayK so we love her around these parts..& as always we wish her the best! weeerrrrk mama!

                                                 Serena Williams & Christina Milian

Jay Z Chucks the Deuces to Illuminati Rumors in "Free Mason"

Jay Z

For years now Shawn Carter bka Jay Z & his supposed affiliation with the "Illuminati" has been the topic of many discussions both in and outside of the church. Symbolism, supposed lyrics, and Jay's lack of confession to believe in God enough has led many to believe at their core that he is in some way affiliated with satan. Now, personally Ive blogged how I feel about this and why, but until recently JayZ himself has stayed away from out right dismissing the rumors. At one point he played into it allowing his video director for "On to the Next One" to play around with the idea. 

 I for one have been rather annoyed with the rumors, mainly because Ive seen too many pastors & conspiracy theorists manipulate lines to say what they want them to say. As a fan of Jay's for years, I know what is actually being said, and that what these people are putting in videos & presentations are often soundbites that they have edited. Unfortunately, their target audience consists of people who do not know Jay lines, people who wouldnt be able to tell Jay Z from Soulja Boy... these people are easily fooled by what a real Jay fan would know immediately are not authentic Jay Z lines. Now, I cant say that he's never said anything that offended me, but so do people in the pulpit on occasion, and he's not claiming to be a spiritually minded person- isnt there a bigger problem here? Actually, had they used a couple of the lines of his that I did find offensive instead of manipulating lines that werent into such, Id be more opt to hear their side of things.

Well when I heard Jay was on this track called "Free Mason" off of Rick Ross' highly anticipated, Teflon Don album, I KNEW we were about to get the truth finally...its just how Jay works. I expected him to address the rumors, but not for him to donate his whole verse to actually shutting them DOWN once and for all. Jay Z is known to be pretty unmoved by things he thinks are beneath him ie, silly rumors. I guess he felt like this has gotten out of control & its not really something to take lightly. I for one couldnt be happier that he's finally-in his own way- letting his fans know that the conspiracy theorists are just idiots.. spoken by a Jay fan.

"..Couldnt do nothing with me, they put the devil on me....Id have preferred they squeeze the metal on me.."

"..he without sin shall cast the first stone so yall look in the mirror double check yall appearance. I said a was AMAZIN not that Im a MASON.."

"..Lord forgive me I never woulda made it without sin...holy water, my face in the basin, diamonds in my Rosary shows He forgave him.."
LOVE it!

Jay's verse starts around 1:44 #POW

Wayne Gives Drake a Taste of Carter IV in Call from Rikers

For my on going MTV challenge I chose Wayne's Journey Home as my topic. I made a few posts  which you can find in the MTV Links on the left panel. Im moving all future posts to this main page, so dont look for anymore updates over there. Anyways, Drake chatted with MTV about Wayne calling him and spittin a couple bars of what he's been working on while away. As we know from his letters it seems as though Wayne's time away has broadened his thinking a bit, according to Drake, this has also effected his rhymes... I  hope so! Check it out below.

BP Replaces CEO


                               Hayward & Dudley

In lieu of one of the most tragic environmental disasters of our time, BP has finally decided to let go of their CEO Tony Hayward. I think this is more of a move for the public than anything. After all Hayward has led BP through a very successful 3 years as it's CEO. The issue is, when such a disaster strikes people need to see action taken in some place. They need to see the company get serious about what is effecting their daily lives. In this gigantic example, a gigantic move is necessary for BP to save face. So today they announce that they will be replacing their current CEO with their first non British CEO in its history Robert Dudley. Dudley is an American hailing from Hattiesburg Mississippi (whoot whoot-I have fam from there!) . He is coming in at a very pivotal and difficult time, and I hope he's equipped to make all of the tough decisions that now rest on his back. The decision to replace Hayward with Dudley was decided by a mutual agreement according to BP. Hayward though demoted by all definitions of the word will be receiving a hefty million plus dollar salary from the company.

New Estelle ft. Nas & John Legend Video "Fall in Love"

Very familiar sound, dig this?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Guess Who's Boo'd Up!?

A few weeks ago I found myself out with my girls ENJOYING this interesting conversation happening between a seemingly very familiar face and a guy. Now, I wont get into detail about what was being said, but I will say that the female in the convo was scoring maaaajor points with myself and any other ladies in ears distance. She at one point turned to me and said, "Men think that they can just do whatever they want & we'll just be sitting around waiting..not the case!" I shook my head in agreeance & thats when it hit was singer/songwriter/model/American Idol contestant Kimberley Locke!

I had been trying to figure out who she was the whoole time all the while staring at these BAD shoes she had on lol (cant help myself) and at the moment I realized exactly who she was. I hit her on twitter the next day and more recently she is one of the celebs who backed me in my MTV challenge! S/O to her for that! Amongst a new single, "Strobelight" and many charitable efforts going on it looks as though Ms. Locke has gotten that guy situation straight!

Though I cant tell if its the same guy from Compound, today she tweeted  this pic & subtitle 
"Im officially boo'd up! :)"

How CUTE! Kim is adorable, she looks just like my Spelsis Dee, and by all means she has been a sweet heart to me :) I wish her the best! Have loved her voice & spirit since AI! Make sure you all get "Strobelight" on Itunes & click the pic to follow Kim. She always has something charitable going on which is just another reason to love her :) TNT BabyKayks

Speaking of Kimmy K.. She Tells Fan You #GottaLuvMe & YOU!

Kim Kardashian is known to be a head turner among men, but what was her response to a fan's tweet about getting head to toe surgery to look just like her? Simply, "No!". Out of over 4 million, yes, over 4 million followers, Kim managed to see a tweet from a fan who's husband is obviously obsessed with Kim. The lady was meant to get head to toe plastic surgery to look just like Kim in order to keep her husband.

Kim went straight into full #GottaLuvMe gear and encouraged the woman to love herself just as she is. She also told her that her husband should love her for her & that she deserved a man who would. I thinks its commendable. Considering all of the tweets she probably gets in a day annnd considering my own experiences with celebs no where near her status acting BRAND NEW on twitter when an opportunity is presented to be in touch with their humanity, I say kudos to Kim!

There is such an effect that people (not just celebs) can have on each other. Its unrealistic for anyone these days to minimize that effect. You never know what a simple hi, or a dont do it from you could mean to someone's life. Im hoping that Kim's tweet was a starting point to get that woman to realize that she is worth real love, just as she is! #POW

Dont Knock it Till You Try It... On?

Remember the line in "Run This Town" that I blogged about that had all of the conspiracy theorists saying JayZ had admitted to being a mason? Well if you can recall I told you that he didnt say, "Im a mason", what he said was " Im IN Mason Martin Margiela" which is a designer clothing line loved by many celebs. Annnywho, heres a pair of boots by MMM...
..At first glance these boots dont do much for me. I mean, I wouldnt look twice at them in a store..but see them on someone......
                                                Kim Kardashian & Rihanna
& Im down.. see sometimes things need to be seen on, thennn they make sense lol... you dig these?

Great mmuuuusic! Danish Duo Quadron


Hmm... ever wonder what kind of music Danish people make? lol I bet its nothing like this! This duo, Quadron was introduced to me just yesterday by Sharmaine, 1/2 of identical twin duo Leo. So I went on youtube to hear some of their stuff and played video after video! I LOVE to be put on to new artists, maybe not new in the game, but new for me! This track is the one that stuck out to me the most. Very still, calm, but the head bop effect is definitely here. This is what I like to call feel good music. Enjoy BabyKayKs xoxo

Lauryn Hill Speaks on New Record in New Interview

 How cool is it that Zoe got a short interview with LBoogie? Thats rare...Im not sure I care for the entire presentation, but Lauryn is speaking towards the end. I cant imagine my musical collection without another Lauryn album. She's genius, she's gorgeous, and she's one of the best MCs of all time & her voice is AMAZING! Though its been over 10 yrs since her infamous freshman project, nobody has stopped talking about her. People want a Lauryn album soo bad, I mean fans, her peers, young, old. This possible album is sort of like the great hope of most music lovers that I know. We're waiting on her to bring her refreshing, healing, and contemplated voice into the chaos of whats music today, just as she did at the turn of the millenium. Im excited! Check the interview towards the end around about 5min. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Speaking of Bruno Mars, Check my Nephew out!

He's sooo adorable & talented! Call me bias, but I think Phelin has got ya Bruno :)) Check out his & my other nieces & nephew's vids on my Youtube account! They can saaaang! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bruno Mars' First Single, "Just The Way You Are"

Bruno Mars has been blazing the charts. He's the voice you hear on a few of the hottest records on the radio.. "Beautiful Girls" & " Billionaire". My boy Cassius cowrote this record and it was just released as the first official single of Bruno's own highly anticipated freshman album "Just the Way You Are" ! If this is a taste of whats to come on the album, I cant wait for it! Def diggin it! Its available on Itunes NOW!! Support good music! #KAPOW!

Lindsay Cell Neighbors With Robber

Lindsay Lohan Turnin Herself In

Lindsay Lohan is now serving her sentence for violating her probation. According to LA Times, Lindsay is compliant, and according according to her lawyer adjusting but tearful. Lindsay is serving 13 (umm) of her 90 day sentence at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood. She is literally said to be cell neighbors with Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers, who is serving time for allegedly breaking into many celebs houses (including Lohan's) on a celeb burglary spree.

While Lindsay is serving time, her estranged father Michael is out making his media rounds. Though Lindsay made it clear last week on twitter that she doesnt want her dad, or Michael as she referred to him anywhere near her, he's saying that he's headed to visit. That should be interesting. Well as always, I wish Lindsay the best & full recovery. Im not sure how I feel about her being allowed to get her adhd & sleeping prescriptions filled. I guess if she's monitored its ok? I just want her to be healthy. Best wishes.

KayKi Thanks You

Im STILL Hoping for a Chilli & Usher Reunion!

Click to follow Chilli

VH1's Behind the Music is one of my favorite shows! I absolutely love it! Recently I watched R&B MEGA star Usher's BTM and I loved it! Not really for all of the normal "fan" reasons, what I loved is that Chilli was like the narrator along with his mama! haha! No really, from beginning to the VERY end, Chilli was everywhere! Now everybody who has been reading this blog for a while yall know I just adore these two together! Im not the only one who feels this way, it is OBVIOUS that both Chilli & Usher know that they are made for each other, just take Chilli's statement from the show,
..had we met later, this would be a totally different Behind the Music, and What Chilli Wants would be titled, Whay Chilli Has..
Come on now! Its not too late!!!! lol! The whole show was darn near about them lol. I mean this shouldve been entitled "The Chilli & Usher Show" lol. Well, great episode!

Do you all think a reunion is possible, or do you even care?? Anywho, if you missed it see a sneak peek here:


Comment below

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 5 -I Want My MTV Intro & 3 MTV Moments

Challenge 5  I Want My MTV
Open for 3 days ‐ from 12:00am (EST) July 18 2010 to 12:00pm (noon EST) July 20, 2010.

Overview: The MTV TJ needs to have a welcoming yet commanding presence. They must also have respected knowledge of the MTV world if they hope to gain the confidence of the MTV audience. With this challenge, we will see how the TJ candidates report on specific MTV‐centric assignments and how they manage MTV celebrities.

Personal: What three MTV moments have resonated with you most?

Social: Interview a celebrity selected by MTV for 10 minutes and report on the interview.

Personal: When I think MTV I think of 3 Moments that I will never forget! (Click # for utube vids)

These moments are save my MTVTJ experiences. I'll be posting a blog about those later. XOXO

1.) My first moment that resonates with me the most is more of a few moments all in one, because I cant choose. I remember waiting what seemed like forever for Britney Spears' Baby 1 More Time Video to NOT be #1. I remember Eminem shutting ALL of NY down seemingly, and moments like MJ in his blue silk shirt, or people sleeping outside of 1515 w/ blankets & the best/biggest signs they couldve made. This MTV moment is TRL in its prime. I am the TRL generation. Lived, ate, slept, that countdown and the guests. TRL will never be duplicated or replaced. That was an amazing time in my life, it was like my lil connection to my fave artists.  Honestly when I think MTV, the FIRST thing I think is TRL! It is what cultivated my love and passion for pop culture. It was in fact the starting block for the race that I am in now. Long live TRL!!!!!!! Lol

2.) Fixed in my mind forever was one of the last moments we saw R&B sweetheart Aaliyah on television. The 2000 MTV Video awards presented us with a couple of moments we never knew then would be so precious today. I can  distinctly remember being mad at Ricky Martin for mispronouncing her name, like, mad. LOL! I know he meant no harm, but its so hard to believe that with the buzz she was making in her career around that time he'd never heard anyone say Aal(ee)yah so he went for Aal(ai)yah. The frustration I felt with him that night was nothing compared to what we'd all feel almost a yr later on August 25, 2001 when Aaliyah's youthful & yet fruitful life would be taken suddenly from us. This night at the VMAs resonates with me mostly because of her seemingly untimely death. R.I.Love Aaliyah!

3.) My last moment is a VMA moment as well, an UNBELIEVABLE one! "Im so over this Rockstar thing" I remember sitting in our family room feeling my heart sink into my stomach at 9 yrs, WHAT is this lady doing! To this day, I can NOT believe it! lol- Courtney Love Interrupts Madonna's Interview

Of course there were many other moments that resonated with me,  great time reflecting on these moments! MTV has shared many precious moments with me and hopefully this is the beginning of loooooooooooooong relationship. This is the last challenge post for this round. You all have been AMAZING! Thank You.

KayKi Speaks with Diggy Simmons

This MTV competition has afforded me many opportunities! Chatting with Diggy has to be one of the best! He's such a sweet heart. Check out what he had to say about his career, his family, his crush :), and more!

Click to View Vid on Youtube!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday President Nelson Mandela


Happy Birthday to one of the most historic figures of all time. I love and thank you President Mandela for what you mean to humanity. Blessings and many more years to come. We salute you.

Kardashian BFF Khadijah Marries Bobby McCray


Over the weekend twitter was a'tweet with the Kardashian sisters going on and on about going to Khloe's bff Khadijah's wedding! The two wed at a not so private ceremony (does that crew keep anything private? lol) surrounded by friends, fam, and media of course. Khadijah married ex N.O. Saint's Bobby McCray. They both looked great! Also in attendance were Cassie, Keri Hilson, and Lauren London.

Can We See Chilli's Birth Certificate?

Ive said it a billion times and I'll say it again, this woman does NOT look darn near 40! She is gorgeous! Yes BabyKayKs Im STILL hopeful for a Usher/Chilli Reunion, I cant help myself, lol. Annywho after seeing this cover he may be running back lol. Isnt it hot!? Check out Chilli's write up in this edition of Kontrol Magazine.
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Country's "Single Ladies"

After reading off the list of celebs who followed me for Challenge 4, oddly (to me) Ive had 3 people to ask me the question, "Who Is Little Big Town?". Its moments like these that I have to remember that everybody doesnt love all kinds of music like I do. So everytime I was asked my reply was "WHAT? You dont know *que singing* Takke me down to the lil white churchh...?" LOL! Well, for those of you who've never heard of this amazing band, or my jam "Little White Church" peep it below! I consider it the country version of  "Single Ladies" Its like, you need to know when its time to make it official or Im GONE! hahah love it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 4 Personal


MTV TJ Challenge 4 Social..Celeb Count & Dear #TeamKayKi & YES YOU TOO DIDDY!

Celeb Followers!
PhotobucketJanelle Monae
PhotobucketGrammy Award Winner Singer/Songwriter Fred Hammond
PhotobucketMTV Taking The Stage's Tyler Nelson
PhotobucketDestiny's Child's Michelle Williams
PhotobucketCountry SuperStars Lil Big Town
PhotobucketFast & The Furious' Chad Lindberg

PhotobucketDirty Money's Kalenna (left)
PhotobucketRHWOA/Singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss
PhotobucketBroadway SuperStar Laura Bell Bundy
PhotobucketReba & CMT Star Melissa Peterman
PhotobucketAmerican Idol Finalist & Hit Recording Artist Kimberley Locke
PhotobucketYoung Money's Lil Twist
PhotobucketNews & Entertainment Blogger Xilla

We were also shouted out by MackMaine (followed but unfollowed) & MTB's Laurianne Gibson. GREAT JOB TEAMKAYKI!

Diggin this Record

Geeked About New MTV Show!

I am so amped for this show to aire on MTV what a great concept! It also could come at a better time following my #GottaLuvMe trending topic! Its so important that people love themselves, but equally important is being able to love and accept others. High school is one of those places that Id say make or break your self esteem. It is SO difficult for some people because that is the time people are just trying to find someone to identify with and that presents soo many opportunities for things to go wrong.. check this episode out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 3 Prt 3 Sir Will Interview & Press!

This journey has been fun & hard! Whew! Im glad I had some great friends/fam members who were there to help me reach sources that I needed to fully "Break" Sir Will & The Rose Parade. This was the plan:
1. Introduce you to the band via a few video interviews and a playlist!
2. In ADDITION to that get the band on all of the hottest blogs suitable for them!
3. The biggest task, make my "local" band nationwide via getting them on radio in at least 2 other states!

Now if you know ANYTHING about the music biz... radio play in 3 days....felt IM.Poss.i.Ble. Which only presented me with a challenge! I AM HAPPY TO SAY I DIDDDDD IT!
I have blown myself away.

*See blogs for Interviews & Playlist

One of the hottest blogs in Chicago (started by a BabyKayk Im proud to say!!! :) ) SoChiButterflyy focuses on whats HOT in the Chi! Visit to check out what they had to say about Sir Will & the Rose Parade & get up on your SoChi Fly!!

Stay Tuned for posts from
other bloggers!


These are actually very popular stations in IL & D.C., not internet radio or college radio (no shade to them) but these are official stations. So the plan was to make him nationwide in 3 days, and Im proud to say I did. BIG thanks to my bff Becky, Jeannie Jones of the City 93.9 WKYS in D.C. & Robyn Lov of 94.9 WXRJ in IL! POWWW! Check the audio! GOO TEAM KayKi!

S/o to Sir Will & The Rose Parade, Chase J, Steph and Tony..its been a pleasure working with you all! Big things to come for the band!

Whew! Whats next Zync & MTV?! lol

Name the Weirdo


So along with half of the MTV viewer world last night, I tuned in to the finale show and after show of The Hills. I must say that right off the top, I hated the finale. I was like, huh? Is that it? Really, I think LC made the show for me and it hasnt really been a must watch since her exit. Now the after show and red carpet was pretty cool the ladies looked beautiful especially Audrina I think she looked flawless. I didnt care too much for Whitney's dress, but her shoes gave me my LIFE! Also the green number cohost Jessi had on was a unanimous fail from many of my tweeties! I also had my girls over for commentary...the things they say! LOL

Amongst the highlights of the night was the honest way in which the network portrayed Speidi. Heidi & Spencer Pratt according to USA Today were not invited to the shows ending celebration, surprised? Yea, didnt think so. The network seemed to share the same sentiments as many of its viewers... we love Heidi BS (before Spencer) and dont care too much for the persona that is Spencer Pratt. As a matter of a fact the segment with both Heidi & Spencer's sisters was my favorite and I was in tears just as Heidi's sister was while watching the Heidi BS clip. The clip showed the vibrant, fun loving, bff to Lauren Conrad that Hills viewers fell in love with. I honestly brinked a tear! All things considered its  a sad goodbye sorta like leaving a group of friends youve been with for years.

Now to that mentioned the Pratt's supposedly were not invited to the show..well guess who showed up anyway.... yes BabyKayks...that is Spencer Pratt! And below is a pic he twitpic'd last night... Weird. Odd. Get some help & some business. smh. I pray both Heidi & Spencer get the help they need & I wish much success to all of the Hills family!

Spencer Twitpic'd this last night:Photobucket
Im here :) !

MTV TJ Challenge 3 prt2 Sir Will & The Rose Parade Playlist

Click To Follow Sir Will & TRP

The one thing thats obvious in Sir Will & TRP's music is that they love to have a good time! This playlist demonstrates what Will means when he says Rock & Rose is the genre of music they make. Rock, because he loves to party and have a good time, and rose because at times they make music for the ladies. From the party anthem "Lil Red Cup" to "Lucky With The Lights" which the ladies are sure to dig, Sir Will & TRP manage to deliver everytime. Check this playlist out & be sure to follow @IamSirWill on twitter (you know you can always click the pic above for a straight link!). Check back later tonight for prt 3!! xo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 3.. 3 Musical Moments That Impacted My Life

Click Titles for youtube vids mobile users :) xoxo

#1 Full Moon Album Release
Click to follow Brandy

#2 Whitney's Return to Music!

#3 MJ's Death

My fave tribute song Written by Cristyle STILL

There is not much to say about MJ's death that you havent already heard. It impacted my life and yours like we probably wont truly know until we're reading history books years from now. Its going to be amazing to say I was alive at the time the greatest star of all time walked the Earth. I remember being downtown Chicago with my sister and brother & hearing first that he was sick. Then it was an ongoing media frenzy for about an hr, was the King of Pop actually dead? Sadly he was. To this day I can remember the sick feeling that crept into my belly as I sat down town watching every reporter on the big screens talk about the legacy that is Michael Jackson. It impacted my life by shocking the heck out of me. As much as we knew he wasnt as young and healthy as he used to be, I never imagined him dying so soon. Following his death the media frenzy and such over his children and all of that made it worse. I cried when I found out he'd passed, cried during his homegoing service, and could probably cry now if I think long enough, lol. Im just glad that he was shared with us for the time that he was to inspire us all to love people, and to make great everlasting music! R.I.L.ove MJ!

Maybe I Shouldve Chosen 50 Tyson?? *side eye*

you might see me all blue all red all day..
Thank you forever & ever amen ShienaSneed

Think he's serious?? This is without a doubt what a baby between 50 & Mike Tyson would look like. Comment Below!

MTV TJ Challenge 3 Prt 1: Who is Sir Will & The Rose Parade

Challenge 3 | Good Vibrations | ZYNC from American Express(SM) Challenge
Open for 3 days ‐ from 12:01am (EST) July 12, 2010 to 11:59pm (EST) July 14, 2010.

Overview: MTV is music at its core. We want our new TJ to exhibit a real passion for music, and to take joy in discovering and breaking the ‘next big thing’…even if they live right next door. This challenge will test the TJ candidate’s ability to know talent when they see it and convince an undecided audience.

Personal: What three musical moments have impacted your life most?

Social: Expose and break a local band of your choice using any media channels available to you. Examples include blogs, the web, newspapers, magazines, video, television, radio, and more. At the end of the challenge, ZYNC from American Express will spotlight your band and their music at Miami Fashion Week!

KayKi's Choice, Sir Will & The Rose Parade!

Featured Songs
1. Hard (Willie Hen Remix)
2. Decatur Daze
(Road to Rose The Detour Mixtape) Download Free -
3. Lil Red Cup

Sunday, July 11, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 2-Moved:Prt 3- True Life You #GOTTALUVME

I didnt wear any make up for any vids for this challenge. I started in my scarf...and on purpose. I wanted to demonstrate a sense of positive self image. I love me. Not really concerned with you seeing a few blemishes here and there. Those blemishes and imperfections make up my face :) You all demonstrated with this challenge that there are in fact other people who love the skin they are in. It would be a lie to say we've ALWAYS felt this way, but... now, hands down we can say you #GottaLuvMe or leave me alone! Here are a few other people just like myself who have had to learn to embrace all of themselves. Pick one and hear how they learned you #GottaLuvMe & trust these are quite funny! Special Thank Yous to Nancy & Isaac :)
Author of "Get Excited on Purpose", Suresh was too poor, Producer/Songwriter Doug is too short. Artist Manager Tanisha is too tall, and Actress/Singer Jael is too fat. Coffee Loft owner Alex is too different, and Pop Artist Promise is too curvy... Can you identify with anyone?

  True Life: You #GottaLuvMe

When I was in HS, I was terribly self-conscious about driving this beat up, dented up, hand me down van that my grandmother gave me. When I went to school, I would park in the back of the parking lot. When my friends and I went to parties, I would park as far away as possible. Growing up as a young man, it was genuinely hard to understand your true intrinsic value when you were not fortunate enough to have the Cadillacs, Chevys, Benzes and Beamers that our peers coveted. Even though I was a popular guy with a ton of confidence, not having the nicest 'ride' took a toll on my self image.
I now know that none of those material things have any value. Material wealth should not be related to your self-worth.The true value of a man comes from what you think, your actions, and your character.Be confident. Be fearless. Be intrinsically invaluable. -Suresh May #GottaLuvMe

LOVE YOURSELF..why not?!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

#TeamKayKi Challenge!

Link for "Your TJ" (Alejandro Remix)

"Your TJ" Lyrics By KayKi

fly nails on both hands.. on her keyboard..

but her make up is of more she is much more

blogs of love & sick versace

but she'd love to heal the world...if she could heal the world

Shoes & Clothes and music too

she digs twilight just like you

harry potter & Jay Z

perfect for MTV...

So whats her name, just tweet my name.. for your TJ

Im just like you... Ill tweet for you.. let me be your TJ

Dont like to hate Dont like to fuss

Just want my chocolate & blush..

Just know the name.. just call my name, say KayKi...

For your TJ for your TJ.. KayKi for your TJ

I love music -all kinds of music

from kings of leon, to Queen B to TIP

Paint, Sing, Live to be creative

but I live this life as free as I can be

Love my nieces and nephews

I love God & he loves you

purple, laughter, chitter chatter- few of my favorite things

So whats her name, just tweet my name.. for your TJ
Im just like you... Ill tweet for you.. let me be your TJ
Dont like to hate Dont like to fuss
Just want my chocolate & blush..
Just know the name.. just call my name, say KayKi...
For your TJ for your TJ.. KayKi for your TJ
                                                                                                                                      ...HAVE FUN! :)

Love is in the AIR!!!

So today is supposedly a biiig day for two couples that we love! Country singer Carrie Underwood is alleged to be tying the knot with love of her life hockey player Mike Fisher in a private wedding here in GA. In ooother news TV & Radio personality Lala Vazquez is said to finally be marrying the love of her life and father of her adorable son, NBA Denver Nuggets front man Carmelo Anthony! I hope these rumors are true because I love both of these couples! We hear enough about divorces and all of that... LOVE to hear about a family being created!

Gaga Gives EPIC Performance in Pouring Rain

lady gaga Pictures, Images and Photos
Click to Follow her @ladygaga
Really all I could say after this was WOW! I have my reservations about Gaga at times, BUT this was an EPIC performance to say the least. Here she is in pouring rain for 1....not many artists wouldve done that. The risk of falling, or her dancers falling.... like sooo much couldve gone wrong, but the rain seemed to have been an inspiration instead of a hangup! Along with the rain being a movie maker.... her vocals went HAM too. Gaga's fans or "monsters" as she affectionately calls them lol... had waited in the rain for hours for that performance..and they were NOT let down. Wow.. talk about a performer come rain or shine! Kudos to her for will be one of the highlights of her career! Even Gaga knows it..her tweet below says it all!

ladygaga: 25,000 lilmonsters gathered with their cloud+rain, making the performance of a misfits lifetime.

KayKi Sings for her Tweeties!


Friday, July 9, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 2-Moved: Prt 2 #GottaLuvMe Music!!

Music has a way of encouraging us to feel some kind of way. Whether its angry, calm, or happy, music excites our emotions and can help us to change the way we feel about certain things. With my MTV TJ Challenge 2 Topic being POSITIVE SELF IMAGE and our TT being #GottaLuvMe, I thought Id share a playlist that makes me feel good about me! Now, you all know my taste in music is rather eclectic, so Im sure you'll find something you like in here! Some of these songs are directly about loving yourself "Until U Love U" and others are feel good songs that make you feel good about yourself "Im Every Woman"! So Enjoy this BabyKayks! & Check back for the final part!- see Challenge 2 in MTV Links to the left for music!

Challenge 2- Moved Prt. 1

Challenge 2 | Moved
Open for 3 days - from 12:01am (EST) July 9, 2010 to 11:59pm (EST) July 11, 2010.

Overview: An MTV TJ must have passion and zeal for many things. They must have a genuine purpose and be able to inspire and be inspired. What drives them to be a better person? What matters to them the most? This challenge asks each TJ candidate to express and then promote something that moves and inspires them.

Personal: What inspires you and why? Answer using any form of media available to you. Examples include text, images, sound, or video.

: Create a new hashtag on Twitter related to something you are passionate about. Use your influence to circulate your hashtag as many times and as broadly as possible.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 1 Prt 2 "Your TJ!" *Updated*

*See much better vid below- the initial video was posted in time before Challenge 1 ended. I didnt have time to figure out why it wasnt working properly, so I just uploaded it the best I could. I have since figured out the problem, fixed it, and posted a better version of the vid below...enjoy. *

I had this plan for this really great video... and Ive literally spent all day & night working on it..only for it to NOT load! So put my thinking cap on with 10 min left before the challenge ended and decided to record it from my I apologize for the quality...I got it up JUST in time! Some things changed up at the last minute as well.. but its up! For the audio see below the vid! Hope you enjoy my rendition of Alejandro! You wanna know who KayKi is....check this out listen to the END! :)



HOLY Guacamole!


Times are CHAN..GING! ok?! A few months ago I probably wouldnt have looked at this picture let alone stared at it.. sigh..just thought Id let you all in on my personal life just a little.. After all this is MY blog, and every now and again I need to vent. So you all know about my recent White Guy trip, well let me tell you.... Bradley Cooper is giving my eyes their LIFE in this picture. You know, it may be the angle or something, because Ive seen him a few times before and it was nothing major. Then again, no white guys were catching my eye at that time either, so maybe it all has to do with me. Either way, thought Id share some gorgeousness with you all... hope you can see the pic clearly.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Tweeties

BIG DAY!! TIME TO VOTE! :) & KayKi GaGa????? SMH

OK Team KayKi!! You ready???? Here are step by step instructions...

1. You can VOTE online starting today!!!!!! Voting is on FaceBook!

2. Visit the Zync MTV TJ facebook page... click the MTV TJ tab to the right of the profile pic...and vote there!!

3. Keep Following and encouraging your followers to follow me! If you, yes YOU can convince just 1 person you know to add me on FB or follow me on twitter it would help A LOT! #GoTeamKayKi!!

4. Also people who do not have internet will be able to vote later on in the process.

5. Please only vote for me! You have 1 vote that you can move around as you please, but you can only vote for one person. So if you vote for me and then vote for someone else.. I will lose your vote!

6. Im still accepting all of the cute vids/pics for #TeamKayKi.. love the graphic stuff sent to me as well... (pic in top right corner by Sam) love all of it.. it all helps and is uber sweet!!!

7. To keep up with our challenges and whats going on make sure to visit Not only can you keep up with the candidates there but you can also follow our challenges as we are getting them. For all things #teamKayKi... this is your source of course!

Well any questions..PLEASE ASK!! Challenges are about to start... whew!!!!!! Here we gooo! xoxoxox

You May Have Missed This

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So most of you are probably like I was... absofreakinlutely digging MJ's chic guitarist on "This is IT!" I mean, she was killing musically, but what got me was- as I remember vividly, my bff Becky & I almost had a shoegasm when she walked out onto stage with those boots on! O EM Goodness!!! *Moment of silence for the shoes* Ok... so this morning I had an epiphany. Theres a song playing on every hit pop radio station right now called "According to You". Everytime I hear it I jam. What I hadnt realized was that it was her! Orianthi is also an artist who has a hit single out right now! Am I late again? If so its ok to tell me, Im not above that (in the words of my friend Julian) lol. Anywho...thought Id enlighten the rest of the stragglers.. peep the song below...OR for mobile users... click the title of course! xo

Ok.. This is Weird!

Had a really fun interview this morning with WBNQ! I was listening a bit just before my segment and Susan said something about a random number that when entered into google and the "Im Feeling Lucky" button is clicked, presents the googlER? with a very interesting (or not) video. So of course as she stated I among other listeners rushed to try it. I laughed...not because it was really comical.. but its RANDOM as heck! You have to try this..and I may be really late, but thats ok! Just go to and put in "2204355" then click Im feeling lucky...and watch. lol

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Unsigned Hype!!!

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Jay is a new artist currently working on his sophomore project. At the age of 22, Jay has accomplished a lot in his career. There are a few blogs about him here on the site already so make sure you check them out. This record is just a sneak look at whats to come with the sophomore album! What do you think?!

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90Days in Jail

Lindsay in court

Oh boy.. Lindsay Lohan has found herself in trouble with the law again. Today she sat in a court room to hear her sentencing for her failure to attend alcohol education classes. Judge Revel sentenced Lindsay to 90 days in jail followed by 90 days in rehab! The Beverly Hills Judge felt as though Lindsay had deceived authorities on many occasions in the past by lying about being behind the wheel of a car while under the influence.

About a month ago I tweeted and asked my followers to pray for Lindsay. I know we look down on her because we feel she's a mess, but I honestly think she has a serious drug problem. At this point its no longer about her behavior, but her addiction. I seriously hope she gets help. Seriously.

Jessica Simpson Has a New Boo!

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnnson

Im actually happy about this! Jessica Simpson is reportedly dating former San Francisco 49er Eric Johnson. From the looks of things this is a pretty cool situation for her. According to, Johnson is being vouched by NFL insiders as a really down to Earth great guy! Im rooting for Jessica because I think she's a sweetie and I also think she's gorgeous even when she's the average size and not "hollywoood" average. I hope that this works out for her because people are singing his praises! Goooo Jessica!!! :)

Behind the Music Jennifer Hudson

Coming up, Behind the Music was one of my fave shows! I just loved watching the story of how someone has made it to the top through various struggles and opportunities! They are hitting hard lately with the stories of a few select celebs and their rises to fame! I got the chance to catch American Idol contestant turned Oscar award winning DreamGirl actress Jennifer Hudson's last Saturday night and boy was it GREAT!

JHud is from my 2nd hometown of Chicago IL and while most people know her for her HUGE voice, she's probably most known after that for the tragedy that struck her family following the release of her much anticipated Freshman project was released. I had moments of sheer happiness while watching this and moments where I felt I could burst into tears at any minute! It is THAT good! Peep it by clicking the link below!

Behind the Music Jennifer Hudson: "In this episode of Behind the Music we trace Jennifer Hudson's beginnings with her close knit family on the south side of Chicago, continue with her early elimination from American Idol and her starring role in Dreamgirls."

Monday, July 5, 2010

KayKi & Fellow MTV TJ Candidates Do Spice Girls!

While most of you were planning your holiday weekend, us TJ candidates were getting spicy! LOL...Beth I believe came up with this idea & well... here it is... I love it! Even though my vids wouldnt upload and I ended up having to shoot some others at the LAST minute...the video is hilarious! I love my fellow TJers!! Enjoy!