Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yes! Lauryn Hill is Back!

Lauryn Hill

I dont think there is a single artist who people are practically begging to come back, more than Lauryn Hill, and for great reason. There isnt a single artist as dope. Lauryn's album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is easily considered a classic and even genius by music lovers from all genres. Not only do music lovers obsess over the album, but artists: singers, rappers, etc all do as well.

So, youd understand the hype surrounding rumors that Lauryn was coming back. I posted a few weeks ago, a video of her saying she's "possibly" working on new stuff, and there have been rumors of her joining the "Rock the Bells" tour this summer. Well I am OVERLY excited to say that the one about her rocking the bells is TRUE! It was released by tour promotors this week that the beautiful Lauryn Hill will in fact be performing that classic piece of art mentioned above on tour.

Also on the tour supposedly, a reunion of A Tribe Called Quest. Maybe a lil before some of my BabyKayKs time, but you should make yourselves aware of who they are. Im sure the name Qtip rings a bell...if that doesnt, Im concerned. LOL...anywho, Im in high spirits about this. I love Lauryn, and music is SO missing her. Its missing her as a singer and emcee. The wisdom she dropped on us is so needed in this generation of insubstantial music.