Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tionna Smalls & Ciara Have Words over Twitter

Tionna Smalls & Ciara

This all started back during the taping of What Chilli Wants. It was reported by numerous sources that Ciara had played Chilli in Vegas and in response, Tionna (who doesnt bite her tongue for anyone as demonstrated on the show) let everybody know how disrespectful Ciara was. Well, last night, Tionna was a guest on Kandi's infamous Kandi Koated Nights Ustream show, and though I didnt tune in, something must have been said to start a twitter war like none I have ever witnessed.

From what I could draw, Tionna mentioned Ciara, didnt go at her, but mentioned her on the show and Ciara fans became defensive. Shortly after Ciara fans went at Tionna, Ciara herself commented on Tionna. Necole Bitchie RT'd Ciara and that was enough to get Tionna to go HAM! Now, do I agree with how Tionna went in? No.. but she's a grown woman, she can do as she pleases. I think its crazy that twitter can be used in such a way, but we've all done it. Whether it was that you broke a nail, or just wanted to scream, we've all vented on twitter. I hope that these two can find a respectful ground to stand on together, and please no one piss the girl from Brooklyn off! lol...

PS.. Im with Tionna, kill the "fat girl" comments. Tionna is well aware that she's a big girl... and does it look like she's uncomfy? lol... be cool!

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  1. I was up last night when it happened, it was just a hot mess. Who knew Ciara had die hard fans.