Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They Write The Songs That Make The Whole World Sing

Yall KNEW she was coming... Click to follow Cristyle "The Ink" Johnson

You may have seen her walking around Atlanta or some other place and thought.. she has to be SOMEBODY! Her style is too unique (no pun intended) From the funky hair color to her clothes, she just looks like a star. What you may not know is you probably at some point have jammed to something that she created. Im not gonna go into as much detail as I did for Fauntleroy, because $tyle has been featured on here a billion times, so just check the label for the other posts. What I will say is that as far as the songwriting thing goes... she's incredible.

Again, this whole series is simply my way of introducing you all to the people who REALLY make your jams. $tyle is not only a writer, but you NEED to hear her sing as well! lol... she's not just on the lyrical side of your fave songs, but like James, she also arranges the melodies you love. So introducing to some- especially you Mariah Carey fanatics, she has laced your girl a few times- and presenting to others.. (Mrs.) $tyle... yes fellas fall back :)A few records you may recognize:

"Touch My Body"
"Angels Cry"- Mariah Carey
"Angel"- Natasha Bedingfield
"Google Me"- Teyana Taylor
"The Definition"
"Shattered Heart"-Brandy
"Scared of Lonely"- Beyonce
"Love All Over Me"- Monica

& these are just the ones I know off the top of my head.... "Shattered Heart" yall know is one of my FAVE songs! KA POW! lol

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