Monday, June 14, 2010

Team Work Holds The Celtics Down

Rondo, Allen, (Lebron), Pierce, and Garnett

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers was quoted last Saturday as saying "It would be great if all three (Pierce, Allen, Garnett) and Rondo … got it going in one game. I'd feel very good about that game if that happens. We're certainly going to try." Well I believe that last nights Game 5 against LA was an example of them trying. I dont claim to be a big Sports aficionado, but I do get caught up in the hype every now and again, and I must say that last nights win for the Celtics came down to one thing- Team Work!

Kobe is known for being an exceptional player, but Im not sure to what extent he is a great team player. Im also not sure to what extent he is able to be so if he wanted to, the guy is great at the game hands down. Last night though, the collaboration of Rondo, Allen, Pierce, and Garnett of the Celtics was too much for Kobe to combat. Thats always the case though when you have a few exceptionally talented players on one team... and they learn to coexist.. the amazing will happen. Thats just not in basketball either- thats in life.

USA Today quoted Rivers as talking about Pierce's football mentality, and how Pierce always says he could play for the Patriots (my FAVE NFL team by the way!). With less than a minute left in the game last night, Pierce demonstrated both that mentality and the Celtic's potent team work with the following play..I loved the way USA Today writer Jeff Zillgit phrased this, "Garnett threw in a long and risky in-bound pass to Pierce..Pierce caught the pass, like a receiver, and threw it, like a quarterback, to Rondo for a reverse layup, giving the Celtics an 89-82 lead.." thats exactly how it happened!!! That was team work at its best!

What a play! It gave me the same feeling I used to get as a child when MJ would get the ball at the last minute and change the game! Difference is this was an effort by more than one person, everybody shined- Im all about that!!! So anywho as Ive tweeted a million times Go Celtics!!! lol

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