Friday, June 11, 2010

Sara Stokes from MTB2 Sues TPain

Stokes and Tpain

This happens so much in the industry. Thats why you have to take yourself seriously at all times. Split sheets are your friend. I dont care who you are working with. Make sure that you document what percentages of the song you wrote, and therefore own as soon as possible. Im sure some of you remember Sarah Stokes from MTV's season 2 of Making the Band? Well, she is currently suing auto tune king, artist TPain. Stokes claims that she cowrote a song that was placed on Jennifer Hudson's album. Not only is she saying she cowrote it, but she is also claiming to have an actual recording of it, that she premiered on a radio station. According to her lawyer, the similarity between the two songs is undeniable. This does not validate Stoke's claim though... songs are recorded and rerecorded a couple of times before you hear what you do on the radio. Im not sure what happened in this case, but I hope both can be honest about it and get this squared away.

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