Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Fun Segment KayHarmony!

I was recently presented with what I’d like to call a challenge. My girlie Miss Brie & good friend Dougy were brought to my attention as two people who’d be the most difficult match making tasks ever!! Now BabyKayKs… yall know how my mind works by now... you tell me "biggest challenge", I think biggest triumph! So I’ve taken it & it’s on!!!! I’m going to find a really cool guy for the lovely Miss Brie & a girl who will be able to handle all that Dougy is! LOL. This process will be done by application only and I will personally meet and interview every applicant! Brie, Dougy, & I will meet on separate occasions to discuss the applicants, and those selected to actually meet them will be notified! This is going to be loads of fun! Brie and Dougy are two of the most unique & spirited peeps I know- whomever I end up choosing for them has to be able to compliment such huge personas! Interested?????? Sure you are! Lol I will be posting a video of both Brie and Doug. If you find yourself dreaming about them after watching the videos, then maybe you should apply!! Just shoot me an email to and we’ll get you started!!! Who’s ready!? Don’t be shy……xoxo

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