Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michael Jordan's Son Says Kobe is No Comparison!

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I spent my my childhood summers and all holidays in Chicago, IL. In the 90s the Bulls fever was in my hometown of Bloomington, but no where near as potent as it was in the city of Chicago. I watched as the streets grew still during championship games only to riot once the Bulls won. I remember feeling like the Bulls were about to lose and watching MJ get the ball with seconds left in the game and turn the whole thing around. I am honored to say that I have fond memories of watching the greatest ball player of all time be unbelievable on the court.

Since Michael's last retirement, I believe people have missed him a lot. I personally lost my interest in NBA for the most part and I found people making comparisons that even in my lack of sports knowledge, I know fail drastically. One player most people feel comfortable comparing to Michael is Kobe Bryant. I personally feel like Kobe is an exceptional player. Have I seen him turn a game around with seconds to go? Yes. Has he made me dizzy watching him work the ball around his opposition? Yes. Ultimately Kobe is hands down one of the greatest to play the game, but can he compare to MJ in his prime? Im not sure.

During Game 7, someone decide to voice their opinion on this very topic. As a fan I dont feel as though Kobe has reached MJ status yet. When someone is as great as MJ was, when you become better than them, it will be unmistakable, and you'll be the one people compare to. James Brown, he was that guy at dancing, people compared Michael Jackson to him. Then Jackson got older and better, now people compare everybody to Michael, not JB. Im just a fan, but the someone who voiced their opinion on this topic is more than fan, their influence is even greater.

Jordan's son Marcus, also a baller, tweeted away during the game sharing his "humble" opinion about one of todays greatest players and how they compared to one of the greatest of all time, his father Michael Jordan. Marcus tweetd the following:
NO ONE...And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that he is anywhere near close to my dad He's jagging this..

Don't get me wrong Kobe is one of the best in the league.... Just no where near my dad...good game right here tho

When a fan replied and asked if he thought Kobe was the best since his father he replied,
I agree my dude

I dont know, I have to agree with Marcus on this. The MJs are the MJs...when someone comes around and does ball or music better, there will be no room for guessing, until then.. They are the greatest!

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