Monday, June 14, 2010

Love It!

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A while ago it was all over the news that singer/songwriter/dancer/actress/dj lol Solange Knowles had cut all of her hair off. Though it was her second time doing it, I think people made a huge deal out of it. I personally love the natural look on women and I myself have natural hair and at one point had a very low cut as Solange had. Here is a photo from a few days ago of Solange rockin' a fro (which I also have and have rocked!) and I love it. I think she knows her own style and is confident in her skin. That is a major aspect of pulling any look off. Furthermore it just fits her. The dress is hot as well, but I always dig Solange's outfits even when they push the envelope they still make sense! I Love it Solange!

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