Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jermaine Dupri Presents Gold Room Monday Nights!

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So, Im not really the clubbing type anymore off top, but I do have a few really cool friends in the likes of Tarrik Mabon & DJ Bruckup (who's bday is today!! :)) -the two make up the force behind one of the youngest, but hottest promotional teams in Atlanta right now. T12 has been featured here on KayKispeaks.com before in various ways. When I am in the mood to get out, I usually just see what they have going on, because I know its a gauranteed good time. Well recently theyve started promoting Gold Room on Monday nights here in Atlanta. I went last week and yesterday as well. For those of you in the Atlanta area, really this is the place to be on Monday nights!

The first thing I noticed last week was how easy it was to valet and get in right at the door. Then once I got inside I realized that Jermaine Dupri was spinning and when I say he is an AMAZING DJ, I mean it. Ive never felt like, wow, this DJ is killing before last Monday. I've heard great DJ's just not who I felt really stuck out as JD did. He clearly knows how to keep a crowd going! Also in the building last week was Lisa Raye, Allen Iverson, and Stacey Dash. Yesterday I went out with my lil cousin Janae and one of her girls..not only was JD in the building, but Dallas Austin, B.Cox, The Dream, and Rick Ross were also among the crowd of partiers at Gold Room. It was just a great time. I was blinded by Ross's chains! lol Also JD spun Dream's new record, Make Up Bag and the crowd loved it. Overall I recommend Gold Room for any ATLians or visitors...the crowd will be crazy but hey, thats how you know its hot! For more information hit @DJBRUCKUP on twitter! KayKi Stamp of approval! TNT BabyKayKs

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