Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heidi Pratt's Representatives Confirm Split


So there has been a lil rumor circulating the web that reality stars Spencer and Heidi Pratt were split. In response to that Heidi has tweeted a few times that it is not true. Well, today it was confirmed by Heidi's people that the young couple are in fact split. According to MTV, the source claims that divorce isnt in sight, but that the couple just needed a breather, and boy do I understand that!! Its perfectly healthy for a young couple to need recoop time! Especially when in the public eye as the Pratts are. I wish them the best. I also want Heidi to seek help about her struggles with distorted image. She keeps getting plastic surgery and its ruining her beautiful face and self esteem. I selected the above picture because it is Heidi for the most part as God made her, isnt she beautiful!? I hope this split is temporary and that they can grow and learn from it, unlike many people I would like this marriage to work. In the meantime Im hearing rumors about another show featuring Heidi..I'll keep you Hills watchers up on it! TNT BabyKayks

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