Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Britain Bans Chris Brown

Chris in 08 when he was perfect like us??

Here is another sad story. Chris Brown's visa was denied in Britain. This means the artist will not be able to perform for his many fans there in Great Britain. BabyKayks, you already know how much this pisses me off. I think its ridiculous that this young man has apologized, and is doing all that he has to do to repay his debt to the law he broke, yet people are so perfect in their own minds that whatever he does is not enough. I say screw them. Ultimately it hurts you wayyy more in the long run to not forgive. Breezy should be allowed to tour in Britain. Get over yourselves.

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  1. How long will CB have to pay for his mistakes? He's not a terrorist. He's not a threat to society. Ike Turner toured for years after he beat Tina Turner for years. I'm not saying their actions are ok. I'm saying they are human. He is a hard worker and deserves a fair chance to have a successful career after he has paid his debt to society. I'll be praying for him.