Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Im gonna try my best to explain this, but words really escape me. I have been waiting impatiently for someone to give this young man his opportunity to do what he proved last night that he can do! I havent seen the full show yet, I have to catch it tomorrow, but when I saw the reaction on twitter to Breezy's MJ tribute I flipped out! Everyone for the most part was overjoyed and tweeting about how incredible the performance was! So of course being that Ive been waiting for him to pay tribute to MJ and/or get the chance to hit a main stage again, I just couldnt wait to watch this particular part!

I cried. Yes, I shed a tear! AMAZING! From the dancing to the singing- yes the singing. I dont care what anyone says, I know what it feels like to have to let your heart do the singing and talking for you. Whats sad is some people really think that those were tears in memory of MJ alone. I dont know for sure what the tears were for, but if I had to guess Id say, they were about a lot of things. Yes, Breezy is a MJ fan, you can tell by how effortlessly he payed tribute to him that he has studied him for years. More prevelant in my mind is the fact that since his apology, he has been banned from most major radio stations and stages. No matter how much he has apologized, done everything he has been instructed to do by the judge to do and he still cant seem to be forgiven by many people.

Last night was a moment for him to say, yes Im human, I have made mistakes, but I still have something to offer. LOVED it! Best MJ tribute Ive seen, and I know MJ himself would be so proud! I loved the Jackson's embrace of Chris once he got back stage!!

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