Saturday, June 19, 2010

Enchanted PR's Christal Jordan Speaks on Juggling Career & Home

Such irony here. Just yesterday I was talking with a working mother, Sabrina Warden about how she loves to write. I told her she should blog and she should talk about how easy she makes juggling a full time job and taking care of her home look! We laughed it off, but I have always had an appreciation for parents who make that happen. Moreso for single parents who have the sole responsibility of taking care of their children and making sure they make some money! Today, Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR has posted a blog about this very thing.

Christal Jordan and Enchanted PR arent strangers to you BabyKayKs. Ive mentioned her a few times on this blog, so the name should ring a bell. If not, Christal is PR for a slew of people we love to talk about here on including Chilli of TLC and hit writer Cristyle. In a guest appearance on Global Grind, Christal speaks on how she manages to handle her business both on the job and at home. I think this is so cool of her to show that it is in fact not easy, but worth the reward in both regards. So, this is for my readers with children and careers, I solute and applaud you! You are our heros and the people who make this world go round!!!!! Check out Christal's blog HERE!

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