Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drake's Album FINALLY in stores Today!

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YM Rapper Drake's highly anticipated Freshman album is in stores today! Thank Me Later is really his first album believe it or not. Drake has already had all of the perks of having an album, he just didnt have one. Everything from Grammy nods to national tour dates- Drake has already done it. How? Well, his mixtape is how. He demonstrated such artistry, lyrical content, and presence that people looked past the fact that he didnt actually have an album and wasnt actually signed to a major label at the time.

Drake since then has signed to Lil Wayne's YM label, along with the female rapper you see everywhere right now Nicki Minaj. Today marks a long road coming for Drake. Lots of people have really high expectations for this album because of all of the success he has had without one. Many question whether or not it will live up to the hype. Well, I hope it does and I say go get the album! The guy is an incredible rapper, writer (Unthinkable -A.Keys..yea Drake wrote it), and all around artist. I can dig it.

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