Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BabyKayks.. You Didnt Remind Me! SATC2 Review


SMH! lol... tisk tisk tisk, BabyKayks..yall know my life is out of control right now! Nobody reminded me to blog my SATC2 review!!!! Geez, can you not forget next time? lol thanks! Annnnywho, let me start by saying I wasnt one of those SATC series watchers. I became familiar with the ladies after the first movie. I think the great part about the movie is that you go with your girls and all of you know which one each of you relates to most. Its like an event to get together with your girlies and check it out.

We went the day it was released this time around. This time around instead of focusing on mostly fashion and sex, the script allowed for the ladies to touch on serious issues like marriage, motherhood, and growing older. I can appreciate that because the SATC2 dynasty can easily get by with sneaking in the most ridiculously hot fashions we've ever seen without having any substance. Another great addition to the movie was the amazingly GORGEOUS Max Ryan. O.M.GOODNESS! I know he's an older guy, but ladies is he not beautiful!? If you dont think so, Id like to know who you consider gorgeous...

The fashion was exceptional as always.. there were the occasional gasps and "whew!"s from the audience whenever a bad shoe or handbag flashed across the screen. The ladies remained in ctaharacter as far as their fashion sense goes. They each are known for dressing a certain way and this time around was no different. There were a few shots that pushed the envelope, but its SATC2 and thats to be expected. Overall I say go see it! I know there have been mixed reviews, but my girls and I loved it! The only thing missing from this movie is a black woman. LOL...no really, written into this script, a black woman wouldve been appropriate in so many ways, but hey Im not the genius who came up with this movie. Think so?

Well, I loved it and probably will be seeing it again soon. My bff Becky was out of town when we all went, so I may go check it again with her..*runs to closet to find the perfect shoes*.. lol TNT BabyKayks

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