Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Im gonna start posting some of these vids/pics... this is the youngest one yet! How cute!!
Im too young to tweet but
even IIIII know KayKi Should be your TJ!!!
LOVE IT! Thanks Chandler!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Im known to randomly tweet song lyrics. Im a lyric person, love love love a wonderfully written song. Especially when the lyrics have meaning. This is a song I tweet often, and the last time I tweeted it I said I was gonna blog it, but I forgot. So here it is..enjoy! The band is KILLING in it as well!!

Ahhh DJ Bruckup

Click to follow him

If you've ever been to any T12 event, or heard Bruckup spin, you know exactly how to read that title! Soon many more people will as well. Ive mentioned T12 a billion times on here before, but this is for slightly different reasons! DJ Bruckup (T12) or Kareem as some of you may know him is in a MAJOR competition at this year's Essence Festival. Bruckup and a few hand selected & talented DJs from across the nation will compete this year for a grand prize and the opportunity to spin behind Doug E. Fresh! Doug E. and a host of other celeb guests will judge Bruckup and the other contestants in a series of back to back elimination rounds. This is HUGE! I mean, forget the grand prize, but Doug E. Fresh???? Thats legendary status right there!

Def not surprised to see Bruckup competing at this level. He goes super hard! I know very few people with the drive and ambition that is housed in the founding members of T12 (includes Bruckup). People with that kind of zeal for life and talent arent hidden from the world for long! Kareem knows he has all the well wishes and prayers I can send to him!!!!! SUPER proud & honored that he thought enough of to allow it to be one of his media outlets for this competition! Get em Bruckup!! aahhh DJ Bruckup (lol)

More info on Kareem:
DJ Bruckup (Kareem Hawthorne)
Born in the Bronx, DJ Bruckup launched his career at the age of 15 during backyard cookouts, school and basement parties. He developed a loyal following while attending Morehouse College and was crowned the “Official DJ of the Atlanta University Center”, which includes Morehouse, Spelman and Clark Atlanta University.

In addition to performing at hot Atlanta nightspots, Bruckup served as DJ for Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Raheem Devaughn, Polow da Don, Jeezy, Freeway, David Banner, Janelle Monae, Wale, Shawty Lo and other well-known entertainers. Bruckup also worked a program director’s assistant (for Steve Hegwood) and DJ at WHAT (Hot 107.9) and is a partner in T-12 Entertainment, a premiere event promotion company based in Atlanta. For more information visit
Coors Press Release

KayKi Speaks Prt 2 "Ask KayKi"

KayHarmony: Operation My Dougie!!

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So, this is Dougie!.. a HUGE character!!!! He's hilarious, but honestly one of the MOST genuine & good hearted people I know! Please dont be offended by what he's saying, he's just trying to be funny! Ladies, if youre interested send an email to!!!!!!!!!

Dear Brian Atwood, Once Again, We Thank You


Brian Atwood goes INNNN! Now Im starting to see why all of the fly celebs vouch for him! His shoes are really impressing me! What do you all think?


Im gonna try my best to explain this, but words really escape me. I have been waiting impatiently for someone to give this young man his opportunity to do what he proved last night that he can do! I havent seen the full show yet, I have to catch it tomorrow, but when I saw the reaction on twitter to Breezy's MJ tribute I flipped out! Everyone for the most part was overjoyed and tweeting about how incredible the performance was! So of course being that Ive been waiting for him to pay tribute to MJ and/or get the chance to hit a main stage again, I just couldnt wait to watch this particular part!

I cried. Yes, I shed a tear! AMAZING! From the dancing to the singing- yes the singing. I dont care what anyone says, I know what it feels like to have to let your heart do the singing and talking for you. Whats sad is some people really think that those were tears in memory of MJ alone. I dont know for sure what the tears were for, but if I had to guess Id say, they were about a lot of things. Yes, Breezy is a MJ fan, you can tell by how effortlessly he payed tribute to him that he has studied him for years. More prevelant in my mind is the fact that since his apology, he has been banned from most major radio stations and stages. No matter how much he has apologized, done everything he has been instructed to do by the judge to do and he still cant seem to be forgiven by many people.

Last night was a moment for him to say, yes Im human, I have made mistakes, but I still have something to offer. LOVED it! Best MJ tribute Ive seen, and I know MJ himself would be so proud! I loved the Jackson's embrace of Chris once he got back stage!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flying Lotus " Tea Leaf Dancers"

I was in an interesting conversation with Shakir, a guy who works at my friend's coffee shop Coffee Loft, and he introduced me to this style of music. Its called 'low end' music, and Flying Lotus is now the most mainstream face of it. I actually like it a lot, thought Id see what my BabyKayKs think, as I KNOW your taste of music has grown leaps and bounds since reading here... haha! Dig this?..Check it BabyKayKs...I do!

KayKi in Times Square!! AAAHHHHH!


Do you see the above picture below??? HaHa! OMG!!! My pic is up in Times Square!!! This is CRAZY! Major shout out to my fellow TJer Dan for this pic... wait let me scream again... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Jayonce Out Somewhere


Ha... I just love these two together.. I have no clue where they are in this pic, and it doesnt matter. lol. I know a few women who would faint if they saw this necklace! IT is BAD! Love it! They are both chillin..just thought Id post them.

Twilight Stars WERRK the Eclipse Premiere Red Carpet!


Ok! So, look at these 3!!! They look exceptional! Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner looked amazing at the premiere this week! I mean Kristen is glowing!!! The shoes, the dress! Lovely lady! Actually think Robert is fly in the film! His style is always hot in the movie in my opinion, so Im not really WOWed by his appearance here, but its still just as fashion forward! I cant wait to see this movie! Im such a Twilight head lol.. anywho, just wanted to point out that the black wearing, sad faced Kristen that we're familiar with in the film can GLAM up!!! lol TNT BabyKayks

Romeo & Kaitlynn Najjir = Cuuutee Couple!


Master P's son Romeo, and RHOA pseudo star Big Poppa's daughter Kaitlynn were photographed out and about. I must say when I first heard they were together I thought how cute! Now to see them together just validates it. Physically they look great together dont they? Plus the dress... ma'am! HOT! They are sorta dressed alike as well.. soo cute! Aww a new couple we love... young too, love it! TNT BabyKayKs

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tionna Smalls & Ciara Have Words over Twitter

Tionna Smalls & Ciara

This all started back during the taping of What Chilli Wants. It was reported by numerous sources that Ciara had played Chilli in Vegas and in response, Tionna (who doesnt bite her tongue for anyone as demonstrated on the show) let everybody know how disrespectful Ciara was. Well, last night, Tionna was a guest on Kandi's infamous Kandi Koated Nights Ustream show, and though I didnt tune in, something must have been said to start a twitter war like none I have ever witnessed.

From what I could draw, Tionna mentioned Ciara, didnt go at her, but mentioned her on the show and Ciara fans became defensive. Shortly after Ciara fans went at Tionna, Ciara herself commented on Tionna. Necole Bitchie RT'd Ciara and that was enough to get Tionna to go HAM! Now, do I agree with how Tionna went in? No.. but she's a grown woman, she can do as she pleases. I think its crazy that twitter can be used in such a way, but we've all done it. Whether it was that you broke a nail, or just wanted to scream, we've all vented on twitter. I hope that these two can find a respectful ground to stand on together, and please no one piss the girl from Brooklyn off! lol...

PS.. Im with Tionna, kill the "fat girl" comments. Tionna is well aware that she's a big girl... and does it look like she's uncomfy? lol... be cool!

USA Wins longest Tennis Match in History

Isner after his win!

American John Isner fought tooth and nail against the more seasoned Nicolas Mahut of France. People who arent even into tennis were tuned unto the match's progress because it went on for soooo long.3 Days and almost 12 hrs. to be more exact. Amazing! I know this was one heck of a run for both athletes, Isner proved more enduring in the end! Congrats to both guys for going down in history! Wimbledon!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Fun Segment KayHarmony!

I was recently presented with what I’d like to call a challenge. My girlie Miss Brie & good friend Dougy were brought to my attention as two people who’d be the most difficult match making tasks ever!! Now BabyKayKs… yall know how my mind works by now... you tell me "biggest challenge", I think biggest triumph! So I’ve taken it & it’s on!!!! I’m going to find a really cool guy for the lovely Miss Brie & a girl who will be able to handle all that Dougy is! LOL. This process will be done by application only and I will personally meet and interview every applicant! Brie, Dougy, & I will meet on separate occasions to discuss the applicants, and those selected to actually meet them will be notified! This is going to be loads of fun! Brie and Dougy are two of the most unique & spirited peeps I know- whomever I end up choosing for them has to be able to compliment such huge personas! Interested?????? Sure you are! Lol I will be posting a video of both Brie and Doug. If you find yourself dreaming about them after watching the videos, then maybe you should apply!! Just shoot me an email to and we’ll get you started!!! Who’s ready!? Don’t be shy……xoxo

Brian Atwood Loca Studded Steeeeez!


Sarah Jessica Parker rocked, I mean she's killing this look right now! When I saw these on her I had to find out what they were!!!!! So, I did, lol. Seems as though they are very popular among celebs and for about $800 you can dress your feet in them too! love these!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Music From Sammie "B-Word"

My homie Allison (@AllisonWhild) produced this record on Sammie's new Mixtape, and I must say I really dig it! Sammie is def coming hard with this mixtape, only goes to show you that the album will be crazy, if this is the mixtape material! Wait........ I take that back, these days..mixtapes go harder than albums, so we'll just have to see... anywho, enjoy the song, I love it.Click the post title to download the full mixtape!

Have You Missed the MTV TJ Candidate Commercial??!

Thanks to Rolfe (a fellow MTV TJ Candidate) those of you who have missed the commercial on tv can see it here...... coooool

They Write The Songs That Make The Whole World Sing

Yall KNEW she was coming... Click to follow Cristyle "The Ink" Johnson

You may have seen her walking around Atlanta or some other place and thought.. she has to be SOMEBODY! Her style is too unique (no pun intended) From the funky hair color to her clothes, she just looks like a star. What you may not know is you probably at some point have jammed to something that she created. Im not gonna go into as much detail as I did for Fauntleroy, because $tyle has been featured on here a billion times, so just check the label for the other posts. What I will say is that as far as the songwriting thing goes... she's incredible.

Again, this whole series is simply my way of introducing you all to the people who REALLY make your jams. $tyle is not only a writer, but you NEED to hear her sing as well! lol... she's not just on the lyrical side of your fave songs, but like James, she also arranges the melodies you love. So introducing to some- especially you Mariah Carey fanatics, she has laced your girl a few times- and presenting to others.. (Mrs.) $tyle... yes fellas fall back :)A few records you may recognize:

"Touch My Body"
"Angels Cry"- Mariah Carey
"Angel"- Natasha Bedingfield
"Google Me"- Teyana Taylor
"The Definition"
"Shattered Heart"-Brandy
"Scared of Lonely"- Beyonce
"Love All Over Me"- Monica

& these are just the ones I know off the top of my head.... "Shattered Heart" yall know is one of my FAVE songs! KA POW! lol

Monday, June 21, 2010

Im 1 of the 18 MTV TJ Finalists!!!

BabyKayKs!! Over the past few weeks Ive been keeping a HUGE secret from you all! I was contacted by MTV to inquire about my interest in being a candidate in their search for the 1st ever MTV TJ! Man this has been THE hardest secret to keep! But now the cat is out of the bag and I can tell you! YOU DID it! I dont know how but some kinda way my little blog made its way up to MTV and I blame YOU- my BabyKayKs! I love you all SOOOO much, now lets win this thing!! :)

How can you help? Glad you asked! Right now just keep doing what youre doing!! Keep RT, asking your followers to follow me... checking the MTV site, reference #ZyncMTVTJ whenever you tweet me! These things will help tremendously! Most importantly follow me and help me to build my followers on twitter up a bit! Thats pretty much it for now! I am SUPER excited!!!! Im even more grateful to you my readers!!!! For my full bio on click on this post title!!! Check my intro video out below! SUPER excited....thanks sooo much for the love!

For All You Day 26 Fans- KayKi Catches Up W/ Your Boys!

Willie, Mike, KayKi, & Brian-Click to Follow Day 26

The past couple of weeks have been CRAZY for me BabyKayKs, but all well worth it. Ive run into some artists that I love and respect, and got to chat it up with a couple. Last Monday I caught up with these familiar faces of Day 26 who are currently in ATL working on a new project! Brian reminded me that they are no longer with Bad Boy, but that their new project is coming along great. They were hangin with the amazingly talented producer B. Cox, so Im sure he's got some heat for that album! Anywho, thought Id share this with yall. Im sure some of you are fans as I am, and probably wondering whats up with them right now. Keep an eye out for the new project :) Of course I'll keep you informed on their next move and such! Thanks to Day 26 for being so cool and catching me up on the latest!

B.O.B. Featuring Hayley Williams "Airplanes"

As mentioned before I dig both of these artists. B.O.B. is rightfully having an amazing year as far as his career goes, and I think this collaboration between he and Hayley of Paramore was the perfect marriage. Its a good look for both of them! Peep the vid..again sorry its so big...working on getting this issue fixed!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michael Jordan's Son Says Kobe is No Comparison!

Marcus Jordan Click to follow him

I spent my my childhood summers and all holidays in Chicago, IL. In the 90s the Bulls fever was in my hometown of Bloomington, but no where near as potent as it was in the city of Chicago. I watched as the streets grew still during championship games only to riot once the Bulls won. I remember feeling like the Bulls were about to lose and watching MJ get the ball with seconds left in the game and turn the whole thing around. I am honored to say that I have fond memories of watching the greatest ball player of all time be unbelievable on the court.

Since Michael's last retirement, I believe people have missed him a lot. I personally lost my interest in NBA for the most part and I found people making comparisons that even in my lack of sports knowledge, I know fail drastically. One player most people feel comfortable comparing to Michael is Kobe Bryant. I personally feel like Kobe is an exceptional player. Have I seen him turn a game around with seconds to go? Yes. Has he made me dizzy watching him work the ball around his opposition? Yes. Ultimately Kobe is hands down one of the greatest to play the game, but can he compare to MJ in his prime? Im not sure.

During Game 7, someone decide to voice their opinion on this very topic. As a fan I dont feel as though Kobe has reached MJ status yet. When someone is as great as MJ was, when you become better than them, it will be unmistakable, and you'll be the one people compare to. James Brown, he was that guy at dancing, people compared Michael Jackson to him. Then Jackson got older and better, now people compare everybody to Michael, not JB. Im just a fan, but the someone who voiced their opinion on this topic is more than fan, their influence is even greater.

Jordan's son Marcus, also a baller, tweeted away during the game sharing his "humble" opinion about one of todays greatest players and how they compared to one of the greatest of all time, his father Michael Jordan. Marcus tweetd the following:
NO ONE...And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that he is anywhere near close to my dad He's jagging this..

Don't get me wrong Kobe is one of the best in the league.... Just no where near my dad...good game right here tho

When a fan replied and asked if he thought Kobe was the best since his father he replied,
I agree my dude

I dont know, I have to agree with Marcus on this. The MJs are the MJs...when someone comes around and does ball or music better, there will be no room for guessing, until then.. They are the greatest!

Monica Does It Again!!

Im gonna do an ode to Monica one of these days. This is like the 3rd post Ive made of her shoes. These are the ones she wore to Birthday Bash last night. .. I cant find the actual name, but clearly we see red bottoms! heehee

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


This version is slightly different, but its LBoogie non the less!!!!!! Love her hair..its so beautiful! This makes me really happy if you cant tell, lol.. Lauryn please we need an album!!!!

Travie McCoy- "Billionaire"

Click to follow Travie

So...Bruno is blazing everybody's records right now...this is a hot record..and I wouldnt mind being a billionaire as long as I can remain human :) Please excuse all of the extra stuff in the video! I hate it when people do this to their videos.. like whats the point in watching it if we cant see it! lol.. Youtube shouldve never allowed all of the extra add on features..but anywho, its one of the few that worked so..hope yall dig this one!

Christina Milian's No H8 Photo


This is without a doubt the IT thing for celebs to do, and for good reason! I figured while we're talking about Christina we might as well post this pic she just took for the No H8 campaign- beautiful.

Christina Milian out With Baby Violet

Christina Milian and lil Violet! Click to follow her!

I thought Id post this pic today, is it not adorable! Violet is SUCH an adorable lil version of The Dream! Take a look at Christina Milian...geez she looks great! She wasnt playing about getting that body right back to her normal look, and she's def getting it done. I know from Christina's twitter account that she and Dream would like to keep Baby V out of the public eye for the most part. She wasnt planning any official picture releases anytime soon, but somehow we have this one, and I think they have a beautiful baby!!! Love to them!

Enchanted PR's Christal Jordan Speaks on Juggling Career & Home

Such irony here. Just yesterday I was talking with a working mother, Sabrina Warden about how she loves to write. I told her she should blog and she should talk about how easy she makes juggling a full time job and taking care of her home look! We laughed it off, but I have always had an appreciation for parents who make that happen. Moreso for single parents who have the sole responsibility of taking care of their children and making sure they make some money! Today, Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR has posted a blog about this very thing.

Christal Jordan and Enchanted PR arent strangers to you BabyKayKs. Ive mentioned her a few times on this blog, so the name should ring a bell. If not, Christal is PR for a slew of people we love to talk about here on including Chilli of TLC and hit writer Cristyle. In a guest appearance on Global Grind, Christal speaks on how she manages to handle her business both on the job and at home. I think this is so cool of her to show that it is in fact not easy, but worth the reward in both regards. So, this is for my readers with children and careers, I solute and applaud you! You are our heros and the people who make this world go round!!!!! Check out Christal's blog HERE!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Justin Bieber Video Ft. Usher!

Usher & Justin Click to follow JBieber

This is SO cute! Ok, I admit, he's just adorable and so talented! This is a hit! Usher is a good add, but Bieber couldve done this on his own, its just a good record! Love it! These kids are killing too!!!! This is just a great look.. Sorry the vid is sooo big, its the best quality I could find! ENjoy! "yeah man" tooo. CUTE.

When You Look At This Picture..What Do You See?

Khloe Kardashian Odom at Game 7 last Night- click to follow her

Well, knowing my readers, lots of you will notice the guy in the back and his Free Weezy shirt.. and yes we all would like one of the best rappers of our time home soon. Some of you will indirectly see the fact that Game 7 was claimed by the LA Lakers and not the Celtics. Congrats Lakers. Some of you probably are thinking about the Kardashians and aaaallllllll that comes with them. Then there are a select few, who like KayKi are without a doubt zoned in on 1 thing.. Christian Louboutin Pigalle Crystal Encrusted Stiletto Pumps.. #thatsall

Lauren London Talks Twitter, Drake, & Singing??

Click to follow Lauren on twitter

My good people over at Thelifefiles recently caught up with actress Lauren London in NY at YM artist Drake's album listening event. Lauren has a few projects coming out soon, and talks about what its like being a new mom. She also touches on where she shops, whats in her ipod, and how Twitter is a mind reading tool. So, for all of you Lauren London fans like, where is she? Here she is, and I have a feeling now that her child is a little older, you'll be seeing a lot more of her. "Peace and Love" as Lauren always says.. TNT BabyKayks

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dress Like Lala - Help Out Families in Need!


Television and Radio personality Lala Vazquez is giving fans the opportunity to bid for some of her hot fashions!!! Lala is known for her flyness as much as her unique voice. Not only will fans have her clothes, but a percentage of money made will go towards a charity called OxFam (see below for details)! So if any of you have a few extra bucks and wanna get Lala this video and bid! :)

Forty percent of the people on our planet- more than 2.5 billion- now live in poverty, struggling to survive on less than $2 a day. Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization working to change that. Together with individuals and local groups in more than 120 countries, Oxfam saves lives, helps people overcome poverty, and fights for social justice. Learn more at
-Lala's ebay site

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White House Meets With BP Execs For First Time

President Obama, his administration and BP execs this morning.

This morning President Obama and his administration met for the first time face to face with BP execs to discuss the "what now" question revolving around one of the biggest environmental disasters to ever occur on US soil. BP's responsibility for the oil spill has people in arms and for very good reason. The hazard to all life in that area is evident. From birds and fish, to human beings, everything and everyone has been effected. People have lost their jobs, and therefore livelihoods and Im sure at some point even their patience.

Well this morning's meeting was meant to outline what BP will do about this disaster. Their relief efforts will occur as follows:

1. BP will eliminate all dividends for now- meaning any payments they were making to share holders in their stock will cease for now.
2. BP, over time will pay $20 billion to an independently controlled escrow account set aside to aid victims and cleaning efforts in the Gulf area.

While I am overjoyed at the idea of a plan, something in me questions whether $20 billion will actually get the job done? I guess its a start. Heading this fund will be the infamous attorney Kenneth Feinberg, most likely some of you BabyKayKs remember his name because he was also head of a 9/11 fund. Looks like the government and BP are cooperating to bring some relief to the life in the Gulf area. Its going to take time, and remember there are ways in which you can help! I know we love the fashion and entertainment and all of that, but realistically...its important to be aware of whats going on around you! If you dont wanna watch the news, just keep reading here..I got you! TNT BabyKayKs

Music That Moves Me

This song is just TOO catchy right!? Usher, who honestly lost me for the past couple of years musically has come with something fresh with this latest album. Like I honestly like a few songs on it, and I havent been able to say that in a while about an Usher thats exciting. This is a great great dance record, for those who are dancers for real, and those who like me, when you are alone in your room you become Laurieann Gibson with the 8 count! LOL!!! Im sure yall know this one already- enjoy anyway.

KayKi's Closet

Victoria Beckham (I think her husband is one of the special creations haha!) is a gorgeous woman. She is fly on a regular to me! Check out the dress but MORESO these Christian Louboutin Gold Spiked Heels!!! Amen & Amen Fashionistas/os!



Black Stars

Ok, you all have no idea how exciting this is for me (well some of you may...)! As I blogged earlier in the week, the continent of Africa is hosting its first World Cup this year. This is huge! Soccer, or football as it is called in other parts of the world is like THE sport in many places around the globe. I didnt recognize to what extent until I met someone from Ghana who filled my life (and still does whenever he can) with talks of football! Well, Im proud (as if I am Ghanaian myself- I? lol ) to say that the first team from the continent to win a game at this years World Cup was the Black Stars of Ghana!!!!! This win united the whole continent in celebration! They beat out Serbia with a final score of 1-0. This is way cool! Lovely win for a lovely country full of lovely men ;) hahaha *insider* TNT BabyKayKs

New Twilight Film 'Eclipse' Trailer!

I apologize for the big videos and pictures...sometimes my resources just dont want to act right! Anywho...the Twilight Saga continues for all of us fans. Eclipse is due in theatres at the end of this month. It features a new female actress (Kirsten Prout) who is creating quite a buzz. Check it out below! Mobile readers remember you can always be directed to the youtube videos by clicking the post titles.

Randy Jackson Suffers Apparent Heart Attack

Michael & Randy

Multiple news sources are reporting this morning that the brother of the late GREAT Michael Jackson and member of the Jackson 5, Randy Jackson was hospitalized today. Reports are stating that he suffered a heart attack yesterday afternoon. Hope he gets well soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

KayKi's Closet


I dont know who or WHAT designed these bad girls but OMG! I found these on singer/songwriter Charmaine Swimpson's facebook page. I just cant believe my eyes..these are probably the baddest shoes I can remember seeing. If you love me, I mean really love me, you'll find them and offer them unto me! Hahhahahaha really these are BAD!


Hip Hop Police Shut Drake's Show Down!

Drake and Wayne..Click to Follow Drake

This is happening, like right now...Drake who's long awaited debut album, Thank Me Now dropped today is on twitter revealing to his fans in NY that the NYPD are preventing him from performing tonight..peep his tweets below:

NYPD will not let me go on stage tonight

Police are shutting down the show at South Seaport! I'm on my way anyways...Drizzy Hendrix Woodstock 2010

SMH! There better be good reason why this is happening. This is a huge day, not just for Drake, but for music period and for hip hop. We all know the history between NYPD and Hip Hop, lets not be repeating that here. Drake's record head and friend rapper Wayne is currently doing time in the infamous Rikers Island and Drake was recently quoted as going all NWA on the NYPD at a recent concert. Anywho hope this doesnt get uglier than this and that Drake and his fans are allowed to have a great day considering the wait!

Drake's Album FINALLY in stores Today!

Click to folllow Drizzy Drake

YM Rapper Drake's highly anticipated Freshman album is in stores today! Thank Me Later is really his first album believe it or not. Drake has already had all of the perks of having an album, he just didnt have one. Everything from Grammy nods to national tour dates- Drake has already done it. How? Well, his mixtape is how. He demonstrated such artistry, lyrical content, and presence that people looked past the fact that he didnt actually have an album and wasnt actually signed to a major label at the time.

Drake since then has signed to Lil Wayne's YM label, along with the female rapper you see everywhere right now Nicki Minaj. Today marks a long road coming for Drake. Lots of people have really high expectations for this album because of all of the success he has had without one. Many question whether or not it will live up to the hype. Well, I hope it does and I say go get the album! The guy is an incredible rapper, writer (Unthinkable -A.Keys..yea Drake wrote it), and all around artist. I can dig it.

Music That Moves Me


From the moment I heard the beautiful voice of this vibrant red head on their hit single "Misery Business" I was with it. I love Paramore! Hayley's voice is great! Here is another single from them that I love. Enjoy BaByKayKs also be sure to check out B.O.B.'s new video featuring Hayley, "Airplanes" another great record...B.O.B. is HOT right now, but thats another blog, lol.. ttyl!

Katy Perry's "Blasphemous" Tweets Not Directed At Gaga?

Click for full story

Pop star Katy Perry was caught up in what some considered a diss at one of todays hottest stars, Lady Gaga. The buzz around Lady Gaga's Alejandro video has been insane for a few weeks. The video does not steer too far away from the Gaga we know. It is theatrical, dark, sexual, and in some shots dare we say, blasphemous?! Last week in the prime of the buzz Katy Perry tweeted something that all things considered may have been directed towards the video. The tweet read
Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke

Katy recently explained that she is a huge Gaga fan and that the tweet was a general statement about entertainers period. She explains that her popular comedian fiance Russel Brand has gotten scolded by her on occassion for saying things that she as a Christian feels are inappropriate. She also says according to EOnline that people have a hard time idealizing how she can be known for a song, "I Kissed a Girl" yet speak so avidly about spirituality. She said that people call her hypocritical for it.

According to Katy, her fans know that she is a die hard Gaga fan and would never diss her like that. In the same interview she explained that she loves Madonna as well, but didnt like to see her on the cross. Katy explains that her spirituality is a major part of her. "It's just kind of deeply rooted inside of me, and hard to get away from." She says. I definitely can relate to Katy there. Well BabyKayKs Im going to post this Gaga video.. *PLEASE BE ADVISED OF ITS CONTENTS* it is very sexual and possibly offensive (at least to me) in some shots. Perry highlighted that a lot has been going on in the entertainment industry that she just thinks is religiously inappropriate, I agree with her, do you? TNT BabyKayKs

Monday, June 14, 2010

KayKi's Closet

Ball Player Edition
D.Wade, OJ Mayo, Lebron James, and Baron Davis

Whew...ok, so Ladies, KayKi's Closet is usually for you... and it still is indirectly for you today!While Im on my NBA kick...might as well do this. I dont know how you feel about it, but I love a man that can dress. So, my bro who has always been up on whats hot in the fashion world put me up on the fact that these NBA ballers have CRAZY style (my words not his lol). I mean I knew they were fly on occasion, but Im loving these looks! I was debating on who was the best dressed, and I have to give it to Lebron. He has great style..its simple but hot. That fit in the middle is just on point...period. Then Id say Baron Davis and OJ Mayo are rocking the flashier colors and textures. Hands down..these men look good, and I can only pray that one day KayKi's boo's closet will feature these looks... hot right!?

Couples We Love...Wait Jay is that a Ring!?

Mr. & Mrs. Carter

Mr. Shawn Carter and his wife Mrs. Beyonce Carter (I so love to say that!) attended the Tonys together this weekend. They are contributors to broadway musical Fela along with another power couple we love Will and Jada Smith. Ok, so its not really news to see a picture of these two together anymore but something did catch my eye today.. rarely do you see Jay with a wedding band on in a pic.. I love it. These two are such a hot couple to me!

Team Work Holds The Celtics Down

Rondo, Allen, (Lebron), Pierce, and Garnett

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers was quoted last Saturday as saying "It would be great if all three (Pierce, Allen, Garnett) and Rondo … got it going in one game. I'd feel very good about that game if that happens. We're certainly going to try." Well I believe that last nights Game 5 against LA was an example of them trying. I dont claim to be a big Sports aficionado, but I do get caught up in the hype every now and again, and I must say that last nights win for the Celtics came down to one thing- Team Work!

Kobe is known for being an exceptional player, but Im not sure to what extent he is a great team player. Im also not sure to what extent he is able to be so if he wanted to, the guy is great at the game hands down. Last night though, the collaboration of Rondo, Allen, Pierce, and Garnett of the Celtics was too much for Kobe to combat. Thats always the case though when you have a few exceptionally talented players on one team... and they learn to coexist.. the amazing will happen. Thats just not in basketball either- thats in life.

USA Today quoted Rivers as talking about Pierce's football mentality, and how Pierce always says he could play for the Patriots (my FAVE NFL team by the way!). With less than a minute left in the game last night, Pierce demonstrated both that mentality and the Celtic's potent team work with the following play..I loved the way USA Today writer Jeff Zillgit phrased this, "Garnett threw in a long and risky in-bound pass to Pierce..Pierce caught the pass, like a receiver, and threw it, like a quarterback, to Rondo for a reverse layup, giving the Celtics an 89-82 lead.." thats exactly how it happened!!! That was team work at its best!

What a play! It gave me the same feeling I used to get as a child when MJ would get the ball at the last minute and change the game! Difference is this was an effort by more than one person, everybody shined- Im all about that!!! So anywho as Ive tweeted a million times Go Celtics!!! lol

Love It!

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A while ago it was all over the news that singer/songwriter/dancer/actress/dj lol Solange Knowles had cut all of her hair off. Though it was her second time doing it, I think people made a huge deal out of it. I personally love the natural look on women and I myself have natural hair and at one point had a very low cut as Solange had. Here is a photo from a few days ago of Solange rockin' a fro (which I also have and have rocked!) and I love it. I think she knows her own style and is confident in her skin. That is a major aspect of pulling any look off. Furthermore it just fits her. The dress is hot as well, but I always dig Solange's outfits even when they push the envelope they still make sense! I Love it Solange!

Music That Moves Me


Love this song by Jess Penner. Especially love that this is her doing it live. I hope you all like it!! Her voice is sooo beautiful and these lyrics are just right! Enjoy and when you get a moment go check out her other songs!


Whenever I introduce someone to my good friend Douglas Whatley (Dougie) of the Whatleys, Im always careful to tell them not to take him seriously. He's hands down one of the most inappropriately hilarious, talented, but also good hearted people that Im blessed to know... ANYWHO...this is Dougie in rare form..very random and fun-ny.... thought Id share this with you all... enjoy. lol Yes this is my friend...and I along with lots of other people claim him. LOL

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Minute Maxwell Tickets!

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If you are in Atlanta and want to attend the Maxwell concert, but forgot to purchase your tickets! I gotcha! Call this number (678)8877134 ask for Adrian and say that youre a friend of Alex! Alex is my friend who owns the Coffee Loft (@CoffeeLoft) Im always talking about and visiting on Peter St.!!! 322 Peter St. dont have much time!!!! lol

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Maxwell will be at Compound tonight. Shout out to T12!!!!!!

Music That Moves Me

Speaking of the lovely Lauryn Hill ...this is what we need!! Enjoy BabyKayks

Yes! Lauryn Hill is Back!

Lauryn Hill

I dont think there is a single artist who people are practically begging to come back, more than Lauryn Hill, and for great reason. There isnt a single artist as dope. Lauryn's album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is easily considered a classic and even genius by music lovers from all genres. Not only do music lovers obsess over the album, but artists: singers, rappers, etc all do as well.

So, youd understand the hype surrounding rumors that Lauryn was coming back. I posted a few weeks ago, a video of her saying she's "possibly" working on new stuff, and there have been rumors of her joining the "Rock the Bells" tour this summer. Well I am OVERLY excited to say that the one about her rocking the bells is TRUE! It was released by tour promotors this week that the beautiful Lauryn Hill will in fact be performing that classic piece of art mentioned above on tour.

Also on the tour supposedly, a reunion of A Tribe Called Quest. Maybe a lil before some of my BabyKayKs time, but you should make yourselves aware of who they are. Im sure the name Qtip rings a bell...if that doesnt, Im concerned. LOL...anywho, Im in high spirits about this. I love Lauryn, and music is SO missing her. Its missing her as a singer and emcee. The wisdom she dropped on us is so needed in this generation of insubstantial music.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim Beef Really?

Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim

So, Ive been hearing about this Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim beef..I think its ridiculous. Here are two of the biggest female rappers and somehow theyve managed to find time to have issues with one another. Its obvious that Nicki is influenced by Kim and Ive heard her give love to Kim on many occasions. I have also heard her say ill things about other female rappers. Kim's take is that Nicki has said one too many ill things and she doesnt like it. I think its foolish. We should be supporting each other and backing what we do. I know that there is some healthy competition in rap music, but lets hope these ladies keep it as just that-fun competition.

Really Slim Thug? lol


Ok, please read Slim Thugs words below and jump under them for mine.

Slim Thug Says:
The way Black people think in general is messed up. Both men and women need to change their way of thinking. It’s hard to trust a Black woman [sometimes] because a lot of Black women’s mind frame is that the man gotta do everything for her⎯ he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him. If that’s what you’re here for then I don’t want to be with you.
Most single Black women feel like they don’t want to settle for less. Their standards are too high right now. They have to understand that successful Black men are kind of extinct. We’re important. It’s hard to find us so Black women have to bow down and let it be known that they gotta start working hard; they gotta start cooking and being down for they man more. They can’t just be running around with their head up in the air and passing all of us.
I have a brother that dates a White woman and he always be fucking with me about it saying, “Y’all gotta go through all that shit [but] my White woman is fine. She don’t give me no problems, she do whatever I say and y’all gotta do all that arguing and fighting and worry about all this other shit.”
My girl is Black and White. I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it. She just takes care of me and I like that. She don’t be begging and I don’t gotta buy her all this crazy ass shit. And she’s a smart girl too. She graduated from Columbia [University] and I like that about her so it’s cool. I’ve dated girls that will buy a $3,000 bag and don’t know how to pay it off on their credit cards. They walk around in these Louis Vuittons and red bottoms but they’re riding around in raggedy cars, so it’s just getting your priorities right.
White women treat they man like a king and Black women feel like they ain’t gotta do that shit. Black women need to stand by their man more. Don’t always put the pressure of if I’m fucking with you, you gotta buy me this and that. Black men are the ones that motherfuckers need [but] I think a lot of them need to step it up too. A Black man who gets a little bread will go make it rain in the club and be broke the next day or instead of him going to invest in a business he gonna go buy new jewelry or a new car and still live in the hood. Black peoples’ mentality is real fucked up in general [and] it’s affecting everything.
Black women need to be more genuine and be more 50/50 [but] It should be a fair exchange in a relationship period or eventually somebody is gonna feel like they’re getting fucked over whether it’s the woman or the man. I think that will help Black relationships out a lot.

KayKi Says:

Unfortunately for you to have generalized an entire race of people discredits your argument to me from the very door. There is no way that all Black people, all Black women, or all White women can be generalized in any way except that they are Black or White women and people.

Also, for the record, successful Black men are not extinct. Success comes in many forms, and women arent always looking for money with success. A bigger issue here is that within the Black community, many women ARE the bread winners, and are HAVING to step up to the plate. Considering that, why would a woman with a job, and a career, and goals settle for a man who'd prefer to sit on HER coach all day? As far as your devotion to White women, I think thats great, whatever floats your boat, but please by all means dont refer to them as robots or slaves who do all that you tell them to do. How is that cool? What needs to be further understood in this argument is that the Black woman and the White woman have had two different realities as it relates to their history with the Black man. The Black woman has had to endure way more than the White woman. Not to discredit the struggles of women overall, but considering the history in this country of slavery and the attempts to dismantle our family structure, we (Black women) have always ALWAYS had to be strong. Which you may interpret as not "bowing" smh.

I know many Black men, who still live with enslaved mentalities. Enslaved to the big huge chains you all care to wear around your neck as a symbol of prosperity, or the jeans you like to sag below your butt as a symbol of street cred. The fact that our men are still under the influence of insignificance & insecurity, has made it still the Black woman's responsibility to be strong. We have in most cases, been forced to have those "high standards" because our men at times dont. Dont speak on a group of women who have shaped and molded this country as we know it through their sweat, tears, bodies, and prayers- as if we are simply gold digging women unable to treat a king properly. Im sure if we were presented with a King, we would know exactly how to treat them. The issue is, many of our Kings have opted to remain slaves to the very ideas that were implemented in slavery. As demonstrated in your interview.... its all about what makes YOU feel good, how well someone is attending to YOU. Unfortunately that one sided mentally will never produce a healthy relationship regardless if youre with a Black or White woman.

Also, what is this with some Black men saying how submissive White women are? Lets be real, youre speaking on a public forum, so youve made this out to be somewhat of a good thing, but in private you all make it a joke. There is nothing great about a woman who doesnt think for herself, or feels like she has to do everything her man says simply because he said so. Submission is not a reality for many women, because its not an opportunity. Its odd how you speak from a perspective of a "rapper" who's world is not always reality. Had you spoken from a real perspective, you'd have to admit that many black women are too busy bringing home the money, taking care of the kids, and protecting the home to think about anything but that. All things reality.. Black men depend on a Black women a lot more these days than you've made it seem. I think a lot of us would love that opportunity to sumbit and depend in everyday life..- you live in a bubble Slim.

In an effort to say that the structure of relationships in the Black community needs some repairing, youve managed to say that Black women have control issues, and White women have no substance. There is always a bigger picture. This equation is unsolveable without the inclusion of the Black man. What are your faults? Whats the bigger picture? There is the dismantled Black family structure- because the Black man is missing. There are influences of history and life experiences that cause people to be as they are, whether Black or White. I will agree that some Black women dont know how to treat a real man. Many Black women didnt have a real man in their homes or even lives to show them that they can trust a man enough to let their control go. Id also be willing to go further and say most of the time, the reason they did have that example is not because their mothers were gold diggers, or had standards that were too high, but because the men in their lives punked out.. period.

In closing, I dont argue that there is no validity to what you are saying overall. There is some underlying theme here that makes sense to me. My issue is your all out assault on the women, without whom many of our children would be parentless, our communities, churches powerless, and relationships shallow. Its not really so much that our standards are too high, its just that we have them at all thats the problem, and why is that? You have standards... youre glad your girl has a degree... do you have one? Youre glad she's attentive, and submissive.... are you? Things for Thugga to think about.

Love, KayKi

Music That Moves Me

Michael Buble

Radio stations all over the country are blaring this new song by Michael Buble, "Havent Met You Yet". I like the tune, very catchy, and I am a huge fan of his music. Im not featuring that song though, I want to introduce to some of you, my fave record by him. Hope you like it, its for those who like a smooth song to relax to every now and then..Enjoy BabyKayKs!

Sara Stokes from MTB2 Sues TPain

Stokes and Tpain

This happens so much in the industry. Thats why you have to take yourself seriously at all times. Split sheets are your friend. I dont care who you are working with. Make sure that you document what percentages of the song you wrote, and therefore own as soon as possible. Im sure some of you remember Sarah Stokes from MTV's season 2 of Making the Band? Well, she is currently suing auto tune king, artist TPain. Stokes claims that she cowrote a song that was placed on Jennifer Hudson's album. Not only is she saying she cowrote it, but she is also claiming to have an actual recording of it, that she premiered on a radio station. According to her lawyer, the similarity between the two songs is undeniable. This does not validate Stoke's claim though... songs are recorded and rerecorded a couple of times before you hear what you do on the radio. Im not sure what happened in this case, but I hope both can be honest about it and get this squared away.

Nick and Mariah Expecting A Baby Girl!

Mr. & Mrs. Cannon

There have been reports today from various sources that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are expecting a baby girl :) You know how I feel about kids.. LOVE them! Congrats to these two, and many blessings to them and their new family!!!

D.C. Says No Transformer Tricks Here!


Director Michael Bay had a brilliant idea to shoot a very active scene with pyrotechnics and all along Pennyslvania and Independence Avenue. Washington, DC is saying, "No sir. Not all of that that close to the White House!" LOL.. Some of you Transformers fans should be glad to know to what extent Mr. Bay is going to give you all a great movie!! I dont think the security up there cares at all though...just one week and photo work fire works and such they said! Im sure you wont know the difference when the movie comes out.. Im sure he will get the scene done some kind of way.

World Cup Opens With Loss For Mandela Family

President Mandela and 13 yr. old Great Granddaughter Zenani

The World Cup creates a huge buzz in and of itself. Soccer, or Futbol as it is referred to in all other places besides the a BIG deal! Id say its the equivalent of American Football in other countries. My ex is from Leeds, England by way of Ghana, so I always got an ear full about this sport that is loved SO much in other parts of the world, but appreciated here in the States as well. Another connection that is shared in many parts of the globe is the love and appreciation for historic South African icon Nelson Mandela.
For those who dont know, Mr. Mandela served as a lead activist in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Apartheid or legal segregation allowed for the minority white to rule and enforce racism legally. Mr. Mandela was arrested in 1962 and sentenced to life in prison for sabotage, but what was really his unique ability to unite people in the fight against the government. To much persistence outside of the prison walls, Mr. Mandela was released in 1990. Upon his release he became the first President of South Africa to be elected into a multiracial democracy, which he helped to negotiate. So Mandela for those of you unaware of his importance to world history, can be likened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mandela is absolutely someone who will go down in world history- Im honored to be alive during his lifetime.
Considering the love and appreciation for both the sport and the Mr. Mandela, Im saddened to say that Mandela's Great Granddaughter shown above with him was killed by a drunk driver while leaving a World Cup Kickoff Concert. The irony is, this was Africa's first World Cup, and Mandela was meant to be at the opening games cheering, instead he was home mourning his beloved Zenani with the rest of his family. According to South African Authorities, the unmentioned driver was in fact intoxicated and could be charged with homicide. This is so sad, and the consideration that the driver was drunk really grieves me. Vice President Biden and a host of other politicians are in South Africa on business and all offered their condolences to the Mandela family. My prayers go out to Madiba (term of affection given to Mandela) and his family. May God's peace help you in this time.
This was a long one BabyKayks but I wanted to be sure to inform you of the historical relevance of this tragedy. Please dont drink and drive...please dont drink and drive!!! This is one instance where the problem is highlighted because of who the victim is, but innocent lives are taken everyday due to drunk drivers, its not worth it. TNT BabyKayKs

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Music That Moves Me

OMGeee! LISTEN to this till the end..this chic is going in! This will NOT be her last feature on this blog! I LOVE it!!! Thanks to my big bro Frank for putting me up on

Kayki's Closet

Monica Twitpic'd these Louboutins yesterday saying some lady was trying to buy them off of her feet...we see why!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MTV Movie Awards Fashion Recap

Well, the show itself was very entertaining! Most of all the surprises went off well and the cameos were great. The fashion on the other hand let me down a are some of my likes and dislikes from the show!

What were they thinking?!

Loved these two...very clean and cute!