Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WH Events In Atlanta

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You know how you can hear a word one day that you think you've never heard before and then suddenly you hear it all of the time after that? Well I have those experiences a lot, but in different ways. Case in point; about a week ago I was on Peter St. visiting my friend Alex's coffee shop (Coffee Loft 322 Peter St!) and decided to stop into Adrene's store. Mind you I'd seen it a billion times but never went in. So, I walked in, loved what I saw and chatted with Adrene for just a second. She told me about her show and I told her I'd love to blog it. I gave her my email address and left.

Like 2 days later I see Enchanted PR tweeting away about the store and the show. I was like wow I JUST left that place for the first time ever and now everybody is talking about it. Had I not stopped in that day I probably wouldnt have paid much attention to the tweets, but since Id seen so many cute things in that store I was on it! I meant to blog this a lot sooner but since Im having computer issues..as you can tell my blogging has been at a minimum..sorry! Anywho if you are in Atlanta you should come out tonight! I know Adrene has an incredible sense of fashion, and with Enchanted PR behind her you know this is gonna be a successful event. Also ran into Cherecka yesterday at Wiggin's Studios and she invited me out to it.. come to find out she & Satchel of Elixir are also involved so I KNOW this is gonna be a hit! There are many special guest appearances scheduled as well as some great fashion!!! Hope to see you there!

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Met an incredible photographer yesterday through a mutual friend Julian. I stopped by Wiggin's Studios here in Atlanta for a consultation with Julian (who is a graphic designer) about our Kaykispeaks.com shirts that are coming!!!!!!! Brandon Wiggins is an established photographer who's passion and depth of knowledge for what he does is immediately obvious. Not only is he an exceptional photographer but he was full of great ideas for me and this blog. I love creatives they can take anything and make it into something more appealing. So, I wanted to let my BAbyKayks know about his event coming up this weekend-you dont wanna miss this!!! See ya there!

Next Thursday!!
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My girlie Promise (Im sure you all know by now that I sing background for her on occasion) is an amazing singer/songwriter/artist person (lol) here in Atlanta. She has a lot of major things happening and Im so proud of her!! Here's something that you here in Atl can be a part of, iPromise Thursdays at Uptown Lounge! Every other Thursday we will be hitting the stage along with a few of our friends, other artists here in Atlanta to bring you a great show!!! The first event is June 3rd and our fam Sir Will and his band The Rose Parade (whom you all should also be familiar with) will be the first featured guests of course! Shout out to DdoubleR and Avalon! Also Uptown Lounge has great food, drinks, and its simply a great atmosphere! Come hang out with us starting June 3rd! iPromise iWill up first!! Make sure you say hi as well xoxo!!! TNT BabyKayks

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