Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They Write the Songs That Make The Whole World Sing

Heres another series Im starting here on Most of you know that I am a singer/songwriter. There are many singer/songwriters who you all jam to everyday but have no clue who they are. So, Ive decided to feature some of my favorite writers (and yours too, you just dont know it) here on the blog just to introduce you to the people who REALLY make your "jams" lol. Im not going into lots of detail just a pic and some familiar tunes that they are responsible for. Artists get all of the shine, and thats great. They should be in front, but the true stars of music are the people who come up with these brilliant concepts, lyrics, and melodies! Kudos to them!

So Our first feature is Mr. James Fauntleroy II..I know youre like WHO!? lol..keep reading!
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You may not know the name or face but..I KNOW you know these songs he has written/cowritten;

No Air-Jordin Sparks
Take You Down -Chris Brown
Superhuman-Chris Brown
Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
Love, Sex, Magic-Ciara & J Timberlake
Torn Down-Brandy

Yea to name a few...this guy is incredibly talented. Introducing to some and reminding others...Mr. James Fauntleroy II.. POW! lol TNT BabyKayks!

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